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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Roy Rafferty is 3-3, Dan Royde was 3-2 stupid Wizards site doesn't ever update so I don't know if he won the last round.  PV is doing terribly.  LSV nearly as bad.  Matteo O-J was 5-0.

Conley Woods is playing MBC in Standard but lost a tight game 3 against Wafo-Tapa to go 1-2 after Slaughter Games-ing for Sphinx's Revelation when Wafo-Tapa had 3 in hand.

So pleased that Melissa DeTora is top of the standings at 6-0.

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Latest: Matteo is 5-1 

Melissa 7-0.  Awesome.

DeTora only 8-0 player at the end of day 1.  Glorious.  Also Wolf-Run Gisela is sick.

Owen Turtenwald, Ben Stark and Gerry T in.  Melissa DeTora 1-1 in win-and-in.  Tom Martell just won - I think that puts him in too?  Might need to win the last round.

Pretty nuts top 8 shaping up.

Martell is in (unless being paired up and dreamcrushed). Detora has the same win/in unless paired up and crushed thing. Basically x-3-1 is a lock, a few (I think 2 unless something weird happens) x-4 will make it in too

Top 8 now includes Martell, Turtenwald, DeTora and Thompson barring extreme shenanigans.  Awesome!

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