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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Who's going? 

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Rebecca can I borrow Tron again please?

Mills, can I borrow your Elesh Norn as well?

Yes you can,


I have a load of cards I need to borrow. LAST MIN DECK CHANGE FTW

Sweet, let me know what you need and I'll see if I can help

James Mills said:

Yes you can,


I have a load of cards I need to borrow. LAST MIN DECK CHANGE FTW

I bet he wants to play that G/R tron deck.

That deck has only 10 cards that are actually worth anything anyway

can i borrow the verdant catacombs from it?

Rebecca Bonfield said:

I'm going. Yes Paul you can borrow Tron. Mills if you're not playing Jund don't forget to bring it so I can have it back. I'll be needing to borrow affinity stuff again. As a vague point of interest did you guys see that Marco (O-J) won last night's mtgo PTQ with Caw Blade?
Rebecca, do you have a link to the online Ptq? I know he's had multiple top 4s with the deck so he deserves it.

The link isn't up yet but you can check it out on the client.

I am going.  I will be playing whatever deck someone sees fit to bestow on me aiming for at least 3 wins!  Jund or Affinity or fuck off you can't borrow a whole Modern deck look most likely.

it's this weekend!?!?

will write up a tournament report/how to list for UR tron


also, if anyone wants/needs a list, email me/msg on facebook.... I have a decent time of need/through the breach deck (protean hulk->seer, finks, melira/emrakul) you might be interested in....


EDIT: whilst I remember, I've been thinking this up for some time, and I'm a little stuck. Can anyone think of a good 3rd gifts target to get for through the breach. I generally don't like kozilek/ulamog, so the gifts pile is usually: summoner's pact, hulk, emrakul, pact of negation/time of need). However, such a pile requires either 7 mana, or 2 hulks in the deck, neither of which is ideal (2 emrakuls is fine...). The alternative is something like seething song + tooth as the remaining 2 cards (also not ideal, but realistically, there is no way an opponent gives you tooth).

can anyone lend me a deck?

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