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So here's my cube list. I'm still missing +-20 cards, including some pretty pricey ones, but I'm pretty much done. Next task is to foil out what I can, but that's going to take time (and cash). Please feel free to comment, suggest etc - a cube is an ever evolving beast, and I'm pretty sure I've missed some powerful stuff / included some bad stuff.

I've tried to build both aggro and control into the cube. I want to reward you for first picking a kird ape over a blue spell, and visa versa. I believe the way to do this is to give control filler cards (ie edge of autumn) so they don't take the aggro cards as filler, and give aggro cards that control just can't justify taking (ie bonesplitter).

Also, I'd love to organise an actual cube draft sometime, with a 2 quid buy-in winner takes all or something.

Anyhoozle, the cube:


8 man draft (360 cards - ish)
Fully powered
Un- sets allowed
Wishing is from drafted sideboard

Artifacts (55/55)

Mana artifacts (24)
Black lotus
Coalition relic (foil)
Grim monolith
Lotus petal (Foil FtV)
Azorius signet (foil)
Rakdos signet (foil)
Golgari signet (foil)
Dimir signet (foil)
Izzet signet (foil)
Orzhov signet (foil)
Gruul signet (foil)
Boros signet (foil)
Simic signet (foil)
Selesnya signet (foil)
Mana vault
Mox diamond
Mox emerald
Mox jet
Mox pearl
Mox ruby
Mox sapphire
Sol ring
Amarillary sphere (foil)

Equipment (10)
Bonesplitter (foil)
Loxodon warhammer (Altered)
Sigil of distinction (foil)
Sunforger (foil)
Sword of fire and ice
Sword of light and shadow
Umezewa’s jitte (foreign)
Skullclamp (foil FtV)
Lightning greaves (foil)
Sunforger (foil)

Creatures (7)
Darksteel colossus
Etched Oracle (foil)
Grim poppet (foil)
Platinum angel (foil)
Solemn simulacrum (foreign)

Utility (14)
Aether vial
Engineered explosives
Cursed scroll
Crystal shard (foil)
Isochron scepter (foil)
Mindslaver (foil)
Nevinyrral's disk
Oblivion stone (foil)
Phyrexian processor
Scroll rack
Sensei's divining top (foil)
Staff of domination
Time vault
Expedition Map (foil)
Memory Jar

Mana (23) = 42%
Utility (15) = 27%
Equipment (10) = 18%
Creatures (7) = 13%

Land (60/60)

Dual lands (10)
Badlands (gold signed)
Savannah (gold signed)
Scrubland (gold signed)
Tropical Island
Underground Sea (gold signed)
Volcanic Island

Karoo lands (10)
Azorius Chancery (foil)
Rakdos Carnarium (foil)
Golgari Rot farm (foil)
Dimir Aqueduct (foil)
Izzet Boilerworks (foil)
Orzhov Basilica (foil)
Gruul Turf (foil)
Boros Garrison (foil)
Simic Growth chamber (foil)
Selesnya Sanctuary (foil)

Shock lands (10)
Overgrown tomb (gold signed)
Temple garden (gold signed)
Breeding pool (gold signed)
Blood crypt (gold signed)
Stomping ground (gold signed)
Godless shrine (gold signed)
Watery grave (gold signed)
Hallowed Fountain (gold signed)
Sacred foundry (gold signed)
Steam vents (gold signed)

Sac lands (10)
Flooded strand (signed)
Bloodstained Mire (foreign)
Windswept heath
Wooded foothills (foreign)
Polluted Delta
Arid Mesa (foil)
Misty Rainforest
Marsh Flats
Verdant catacombs
Scalded Tarn

Trilands (5)
Crumbling necropolis (foil)
Arcane Sanctum (foil)
Jungle shrine (foil)
Savage lands (foil)
Seaside citadel (foil)

Utility (4)
Library of Alexandria
Volrath's stronghold
Academy ruins
Maze of ith*

Land destruction (3)
Strip mine (foil FtV)
Wasteland (foreign)

Manland (6)
Mishra's factory
Urza's factory (foil)
Kher Keep (foil)
Gargoyle Castle
Treetop Village

Dual lands (10) = 18%
Karoo lands (10) = 18%
Shock lands (10) = 18%
Sac lands (10) = 18%
Tri lands (5) = 9%
Other (13) = 18%

White (55/55)

Creatures (26)
Akrasan Squire (foil)
Akroma, Angel of Wrath (foil)
Battlegrace angel (foil)
Archon of Justice (foil)
Flickerwisp (foil)
Calciderm (foil)
Cloudgoat Ranger (foil)
Descendant of kiyomoro (foil)
Eternal Dragon (foil promo)
Exalted Angel
Glory (foil)
Isamaru, Hound of Konda
Karmic Guide
Knight of the Meadowgrain (foil)
Mother of Runes (foil)
Mirror entity (foil)
Mirror-sigil sergeant (foil)
Paladin en-Vec
Pristine Angel (foil)
Serra Avenger (foil)
Savannah lions
Spectral Lynx (foil)
Stonecloaker (foil)
Yosei, the Morning star

Spells (19)
Akroma's Vengeance
Austere Command (foil)
Balance (foil FtV)
Condemn (foil)
Crib swap (foil)
Decree of Justice
Disenchant (foil)
Dismantling blow (foil)
Marshall Coupe (foil)
Momentary Blink (foil)
Miraculous Recovery
Orim's Chant
Path to exile (foil)
Rout (foil)
Ravages of war
Spectral Procession (foil)
Swords to Plowshares
Wrath of God (foil promo)

Enchantments (8)
Faith's Fetters (foil)
Hoofprints of the Stag (foil)
Land Tax
Oblivion Ring (foil)
Parallax Wave
Prison Term (foil)
Sacred Mesa (foil)
Temporal isolation (foil alter)

Plainswalkers (2)
Ajani Goldmane
Elspeth, knight errant


Creatures (26) = 47%
Spells (19) = 34%
Enchantments (8) = 15%
Plainswalkers (2) = 1%

Black (55/55)

Creatures (23)
Bane of the living (foil)
Cabal Interrogator (foil)
Dark confidant
Hypnotic Specter (foil)
Ink-eyes, servant of Oni (foil)
Juzam Djinn
Kagemaro, first to suffer (foil)
Kokusho, the Evening star
Laquatus's Champion (foil)
Mesmeric fiend (foil)
Nezumi Graverober (foil)
Nezumi Shortfang (foil)
Oona’s prowler
Phyrexian Plaguelord (foil)
Plague sliver (foil)
Predatory Nightstalker
Puppeteer Clique
Shriekmaw (foil)
Skeletal Vampire (foil)
Stinkweed Imp (foil)
Visara the Dreadful
Wei Assassins
Xiahou Dun, the One-Eyed

Removal (9)
Barter in Blood (foil)
Chainer's Edict (foil)
Damnation (foil promo)
Diabolic Edict
Decree of Pain (foil)
Innocent Blood (foil)
Smother (foil)
Snuff Out
Slaughter pact

Reanimation (10)
Beacon of Unrest (foil)
Betrayal of flesh (foil)
Dread Return (foil)
Makeshift Mannequin (foil)
Profane Command (foil silver signed)
Recurring Nightmare
Stitch together (foil)

Tutors (4)
Demonic Tutor
Vampiric Tutor
Liliana Vess (foil promo)
Imperial seal

Disruption (4)
Duress (foil)
Mind Twist
Hymn to tourach

Other (5)
Dark ritual
Death denied (foil)
Phyrexian Arena (foil foreign)
Phyrexian reclamation (foil)

Creatures (23) = 42%
Reanimation (10) = 18%
Removal (9) = 16%
Other (5) = 9%
Tutors (4) = 7%
Disruption (4) =7%

Green (55/55)

Creatures (33)
Birds of Paradise
Blastoderm (foil)
Briarhorn (foil)
Chameleon Colossus
Deranged Hermit
Eternal Witness (foil promo)
Elves of deep shadow (foil)
Fyndhorn elves
Ferrell Hydra (foil)
Iwamori, of the Open Fist (foil)
Kodama of the North Tree (foil)
Krosan Tusker (foil)
Kavu titan (foil)
Llanowar elves (foil)
Mycoloth (foil)
Noble Hierarch
Phantom Centaur (foil)
Rofellos, Llanowar Emissary
Ravenous Baloth
River Boa (foil)
Sakura-tribe elder (foil)
Spectral Force
Troll Ascetic (foil)
Uktabi orangotang (foil)
Viridian shaman (foil)
Viridian zealot (foil)
Wickerbough Elder (foil)
Wild mongrel (foil)
Wild Nacatl (foil)
Wall of roots (foil)
Yavimaya Elder (foil promo)

Spells (21)
All Suns' Dawn (foil)
Berserk (foil FtV)
Call of the Herd (foil)
Elephant guide (foil)
Grizzly fate (foil)
Kodama’s reach (foil)
Mirri's Guile
Moldervine cloak (foil)
Plow Under (foil)
Primal Command (foil)
Rancor (foil)
Regrowth (foil)
Rude Awakening (foil)
Shard convergence (foil)
Stonewood Invocation (foil)
Survival of the fittest
Sylvan library
Tooth and nail (foil)
Edge of Autumn (foil)

Plainswalkers (1)
Garruk Wildspeaker (foil promo)

Creatures (33) = 60%
Spells (21) = 38%
Plainswalkers (1) = 2%

Blue (55/55)

Creatures (17)
Aeon Chronicler (foil)
Body double
Sower of temptation
Keiga, the Tide Star
Inkwell Leviathan
Glen alendra Archmage (foil)
Fatestitcher (foil)
Meloku the clouded mirror (foil)
Man-o-war (foil)
Morphling (signed)
Mulldrifter (foil foreign)
Old Man of the Sea
Palinchron (foil)
Teferi, mage of zhalfir (foil)
Venser, shaper savant
Vesuvan shapeshifter (foil)
Vendilion clique
Waterfront bouncer (foil)

Spells (38)

Counterspells (12)
Counterspell (foil promo)
Cryptic Command (foil)
Dismiss (foil)
Foil (foil)
Forbid (foil)
Force of will
Mana drain
Mana leak (foil)
Pact of negation
Remand (foil)
Rewind (foil)

Control magic (4)
Bribery (foil)
Confiscate (foil)
Control magic
Treachery (foil)

Draw (13)
Ancestral recall
Compulsive research (foil)
Fact or fiction (foil)
Frantic search (foil)
Gifts Ungiven
Gifts given (foil FtV)
Jace Berelin (foil promo)
Mystical tutor (altered)
Thirst for knowledge (foil)
Time twister
Tinker (foil FtV)

Bounce (5)
Capsize (foil)
Repeal (foil)
Rushing River (foil)

Other (3)
Followed Footsteps (foil)
Tezzeret, the seeker
Time walk

Creatures (17) = 31%
Counterspells (12) = 22%
Control magic (5) = 9%
Draw (13) = 24%
Bounce (5) = 9%
Other (3) = 5%

Red (55/55)

Creatures (24)
Akroma, angel of fury
Avalanche riders (foil)
Blistering firecat
Bogardan Hellkite (foil)
Caldera Hellion (foil)
Countryside crusher
Dwarven blastminer (foil)
Flametongue Kavu (foil)
Gorilla shaman
Greater gargadon (foil)
Grim lavamancer
Hearth kami (foil)
Jackal pup (foil)
Jaya Ballard, task mage (foil)
Keldon marauders (foil)
Kiki-jikki Mirror Breaker (foil)
Kird ape (foil FtV)
Kumano, master yamabushi (foil)
Mogg fanatic (foil)
Siege-gang commander
Squee, Goblin Nabob
Sulfur elemental (foil)
Flameblast dragon (foil)

Burn (20)
Urza's rage
Demonfire (foil)
Volcanic hammer (foil)
Volcanic fallout (foil)
Pyroclasm (foil)
Incendiary command (foil)
Rolling Earthquake
Starstorm (foil)
Magma jet
Magma spray (foil)
Beacon of destruction (foil)
Chain lightning
Fireblast (foil promo)
Firebolt (foil)
Flame javelin (foil)
Hammer of bogardan (foil)
Incinerate (foil)
Char (foil)
Lightning bolt

Other (11)
Chandra Nalaar (foil)
Grab the reigns (foil)
Molten disaster (foil)
Pillage (foil)
Sneak Attack
Shattering pulse (foil)
Wheel of fortune
Word of seizing (foil)

Creatures (24) = 44%
Burn (20) = 36%
Other (11) = 20%

Multi (68)

W/U (7)
Grand arbiter Augustin IV
Teferi's moat (foil)
Azorious guildmage (foil)
Mirrorweave (foil)
Plumeveil (foil)
Wall of denial (foil)

U/B (6)
Psychatog (foil)
Shadowmage infiltrator
Agony warp (foil)
Undermine (foil)
Perplex (foil)
Oona, Queen of the Fae

B/R (7)
Blightning (foil)
Shambling remains (foil)
Terminate (foil)
Void (foil)
Fulminator mage (foil)
Bituminous blast (foil)
Cauldron dance (foil)

R/G (6)
Burning tree shaman
Rumbling slum (foil)
Sarkhan Vol
Boggart ram-gang (foil)
Giant solifuge (foil)
Bloodbraid elf (foil foreign)

G/W (6)
Behemoth sledge (foil)
Glare of subdual (foil)
Loxodon Hierarch (foreign)
Phantom Nishoba
Quasali pridemage (foil foreign)
Kitchen finks (foil promo)

W/B (6)
Angel of despair (foil)
Desolation Angel
Mortify (foil)
Tidehollow sculler (foil)
Debtors' Knell (foil)

W/R (6)
Brion stoutarm (foil)
Goblin legionnaire (foil)
Lightning Helix
Ajani Vengeant (foil)
Duergar hedge-mage (foil)
Figure of destiny (foil)

U/R (6)
Electrolyze (foil)
Fire/Ice (foil)
Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind (foil)
Prophetic bolt (foil)
Suffocating blast (foil)
Nucklavee (foil)

U/G (6)
Mystic snake
Simic Sky Swallower (foil)
Trygon predator
Voidslime (foil)
Snakeform (foil)
Spitting image (foil)

B/G (6)
Grave-shell Scarab (foil)
Spiritmonger (foil)
Putrefy (foil)
Pernicious Deed
Life // death (foil)
Maelstrom pulse

Tri colour (6)
Broodmate dragon (foreign)
Bant charm (foil)
Naya charm (foil)
Doran, the siege tower
Rafiq of the many
Sphinx of the steel wind (foil)

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Wowzers. Powerful is right. I'd hate to leave this on a train ...

U seems very strong even amongst this lot. I thought of a bunch of things you should include but you already have them all :) I'd draft it ...
You'd draft it? I wouldn't want to touch it! I bet one hand would be worth eleventy hundred squid!
£2 quid buy in, winner takes all of the cube? sweeeeeett. Which ones are you missing?
Library of Alexandra
Bazaar of Bagdhad
Mana Leak
Juzian Djinn
Ravages of War
Imperial Seal
Gifts given

And another 10 or so £10 - £20 cards...

Sigh... most of these one can't trade for either, which makes me a sad panda.
These proxies are *amazing*, well worth the investment.|66%3A4|39%3A1|72%3A1121|240%3A1318|301%3A0|293%3A1|294%3A200

warren vonk said:
Library of Alexandra
Bazaar of Bagdhad
Mana Leak
Juzian Djinn
Ravages of War
Imperial Seal
Gifts given

And another 10 or so £10 - £20 cards...

Sigh... most of these one can't trade for either, which makes me a sad panda.

There's something... dirty about proxies. I feel that proxies will make my cube dirty and disgusting....

CE cards are as far as I can push it I think, though it's irrational.

Tom decided to not included power under the premise that it 'blows out games'.

But isn't that the point of cube? Playing with the most busted cards, pulling off the most busted shit the game can offer?

Personally, I love power in the cube - even if I play AGAINST someone with power it makes me smile and laugh out loud when they pull of something completely busted, and I don't even care that I've lost the game before laying down a land. Just witnessing the sheer destruction is enough for me!

Cube games are more a celebration of what this game is capable of rather than any sort of competitive experience... it's a Timmy's wet dream, and most magic players are Timmy's at their core.

For me, the hardest part of building a cube is CUTTING cards. Restricting it to 360 means that there are some cards that are AMAZING, but just not AMAZING ENOUGH to make it into the list, which makes me sad.

But the goal is to have the most powerful cards ever printed in one cube, and it's a goal that I will stick to.
Im indifferent to power really.

Your cube has no treetop village. seriously, thats nearly a crime...

and i dislike your tri colour; crime//punishment is better than all those cards, enigma sphinx > sphinx of the steel wind, or if you want a reanimator target thraximundar is probs better.

(My cube is better. obvobvobvobvobvobv. Will get the list up when im not supposed to be revising...)
Given you use gifts given (which is a house), ever thought about booster tutor (making a pack up from remaining cube cards) or blast from the past? Both are in my cube and are great. Who/Where/What/Why...When (I think that's what it is?!) is also pretty sweet.
Warren you NEED one of these:|66%3A4|39%3A1|72%3A1683|240%3A1318|301%3A1|293%3A1|294%3A200

Could be one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen!!!!!!!

It will be mine...

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