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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Looks like they've really learnt from the wooly non-information of the last announcements.  Now we have colour-coded graphics!

I like how they've removed the ability to grind Planeswalker Points to get on the pro tour, and the reintroduction of a Worlds-like event is great news too.

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Super thumbs up on this for me - looks like they've listened to all the feedback and made some serious changes that address most of the concerns.

Using thresholds instead of positions for PWP makes it all much better.

Also, note that whilst most western European countries need 300 points in the first season to qualify for their WMCQ (the replacement for Nationals), we only need 200 - gogo smaller Magic community?

David, where did you find the information on points-thresholds for WMCQ qualification?

I am heavily in favour of pretty much all of this

Thumbs up from me
ctrl - z

this is legitimately all excellent news

Thumbs up from me too. I think they must have received so much negative feedback that this was the only sensible option, to listen. It is the first time for a while that I have seen universal praise for changes.

They're also made in a really timely fashion too, another pleasant change. 

Good job WotC!

no longer trust wizards, but this is enough to make me start playing again

This was not timely. Gps start again very soon and only now do i know what i can get out of them Thats not enough notice

Dan Barrett said:

They're also made in a really timely fashion too, another pleasant change. 

Good job WotC!

Also no more nats (assuming i have understood) is a shame. Worlds is really good, but its only for a few people. To of the best part of nats was seeing everyone. If its split it wont be the same On the other hand I might be national champion for life?

haha, now that's a thought! :P

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