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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Anyone want to play this properly sometime?


I play 10 or more games a week on Words with Friends (dangerawesome, feel free to add me for a game), but now want to try playing the real thing.


There are regular tournaments in Swiss Cottage, a Nats Qualifier on June 25th, and some other big events later in the year.


If there's enough interest, we could potentially even play at Jason's new shop once a week!

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somebody's been reading Word Freak :p
Have you seen a professional game of scrabble?  They almost exclusively use words that don't even look like they should exist!  Well up for some casual games some time though.

Yea just about finished it Phil ;)


And that'd be cool Ben - it is true some words are not vocabulary staples, but learning loads of new and obscure words seems like a good side effect. 



I used to be fairly reasonable at Scrabble so if you fancied playing some games online or over a beer somewhere give me a shout. We just need to make sure we don't spend 10 minutes rolling dice/picking out tiles and getting the same values like we did at the Grand Prix.




Mark - Do you know of a good service to play online then? 


Next time I come down to Gravesend I'll put the set in my bag (or likewise, let me know if you're heading to a London event and I'll do the same).

I had another look at the Facebook Scrabble last night but it looks quite slow so is probably only worth considering if we can't find anything else. From memory the game server tends to be down a lot as well although they may have fixed that now, 6 months ago it was a nightmare.


Dan have you got yourself a copy of the OSW yet? Its pretty much a must have purchase if you want to play in events etc. I have an old copy from the early 90's but haven't bought an up to date one as I haven't played to the 500 + standard since around that time.


When is the next London event you are considering attending?

Deb is literally addicted to Wordscraper on Facebook.  She has played (tens of?) thousands of games.  They got sued and stopped using the official Scrabble board though so not sure if that fits your requirements.

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