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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

What would you do if you thought you had a deck that could beat everything?

Where would you test it?


I dont want to buy the cards and test it local as then all my opponents in the main tournament will know what im playing and either board cards just to beat it or copy the deck.


I dont want other people playing the deck and then having it show up online as that would be bad.


Im thinking the only way to really test it it to proxy every deck in the format and test on my own :(


I dont have a finalised list yet but im pretty sure that I am onto something, im probably wrong but wouldnt want the one time im right to get round before I can win a tourney with it.

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Im not looking to play the deck until the world cup qualifier. I figure a random deck that people would not expect would be my best chance of winning.


Probably a good idea someone suggested was to send the list to check im not being mental. Im guessing you dont need to play the deck to find out if it flawed.


I think my main concern is that the whole deck can get basicaly shut down by one card, lucky no one plays it at all though.


Whats the deal with Zombies? It just looks like a bad agro deck to me. Appart from Obliterators though it seems pretty cheap to build.

Ship away on Facebook then.

Also, you know there are 3 qualifiers per country, right?

Yeah, I can probably only do 2 though.


One is where I live the next is an 8 hour drive (will prob have to fly) and the other one is in Christchurch and I dont really fancy going there.

Let me get a list together and I will send it to a few people with the idea that they just try and figure out why it wont work.


Im pretty sure there will be something that it just cant beat.

The Br zombie deck is sooooo good. And so much fun to play. It's a lot trickier than it looks, it's incredibly resilient to mass removal, and can output a ton of damage very quickly.

I'd be interested in seeing it too Gary


So much rage from "one pump" there

James Mills said:


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