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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Hi all, i have several vintage cards i am offloading from my collection. I did not see much interest on eBay so thought i would put them up here. I am mainly interested in cash but serious trade or part cash part trade offers will be entertained. All these cards are genuine, and can be viewed before any transaction happens. I am in Brighton, but come up to London a lot and should be at the BoM trial on saturday. Anyway these are the cards,


1 x Beta Mox Sapphire Ex

1 x Beta Timetwister Ex

1 x Unlimited Time Vault Mint

1 x Unlimited Mox Ruby BGS Graded 7.5

1 x Unlimited Mox Sapphire EX Signed

1 x Unlimited Mox Emerald NM

1 x Unlimited Mox Ruby NM





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Paul I am driving to Southampton, I am picking up people at Kings Cross at 8.30am if you need a lift.



Thanks Jason, will take you up on that if I may. Need to cobble together a deck now! Kibler's UB infect list looks right up my street...

Hi Paul,


I will be outside the McDonalds opposite Kings Cross at 8.30am.


My mobile is 07508 268648.



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