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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Hi all,

Just heard this morning that I'm through to the main part of the Talent Search (in the Limited category). Look out for the article during the week! Also wish Dan Barrett good luck in the Casual/Other category (apparently taking longer to judge due to, gulp, 160-odd entries.)


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Voted For.

Tom Reeve said:
Top 8 had started!

Dan's will be up soon I'm sure, so please vote Games Club :)

Mine is here!


And thanks for waiting Gary, douchebag! :P

Couldnt vote for you both as you were in the same pod.


While I enjoy your articles, I go to starcity in the hopes of learning something that i may not have even thought of and for that reason I voted for Tom as he is a much better player than me and therefore can probably teach me something.


Tom, dont let me down, teach me some cool shiz :)

I voted for Dan because of references to alcohol consumption
Will remember this for next time!!

James Mills said:
I voted for Dan because of references to alcohol consumption
Gotta say, I was really impressed with both articles today - both very good reads. Unfortunately, that means I don't know who to vote for now. It would be wrong not to vote for either, though. May just have to toss for it....

Holy crap, you guys - that is like, a verifiable shitload of words.  WordsMAX.  They look nice. Dan's has pie charts, which is always a bit of a win in my book.  I like Tom's writing style though.


Content? What? I have not had any coffee.

Hmmm writing style vs Pie charts. Always a tough decision!
The pie charts are done automagically when you submit a decklist as part of your article, so I can't take credit for those.

I like this word

Dan Barrett said:

Heh, it's a favourite of our tech team.

James Mills said:

I like this word

Dan Barrett said:


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