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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

So I'm unfortunately not going to be there this weekend, but I'd appreciate it if you could keep me (and everyone else who can't go) updated.


Best of luck guys!

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North, obv

Peter Dun said:
who won the football???

..... you guys are terrible, next year I'll play :)    (setting self up for a very very big fall here :P)

Sadly I was too busy grinding as im actually reasonable at football... I hear Glenn put up a good show though :)

unfortunately both the north vs south and the 5 a side matches were decided on who had the best goalie (he was awesome man), in the final of the 5 a side Dan hit 2 rockets and he made diving saves, nobody else would have even tried.  I did score 2 in the semi final but couldn't move for the final which was a bit awkward.  Was very good fun though

I love that Charlie had the balls to play a Mox Diamond then let it die rather discarding a land that he had in his hand because he realized it wasn't the play.  It's a misplay but I like it.


I looked pretty foolish anyway, no need to make it worse :)

So what was everyones verdict on the weekend as a whole?


What should be kept or changed for next year?



Don't have it in Sheffield (it was a dive), in the town center was great though. 

No PTQ's was terrible and a fairly limited number of older "cool" events, no historic sealed was a shame.

2hg draft cool, paying the same price as normal draft but with 2 less boosters in the prize pool is a total rip-off.

Football was awesome (obv not organised by you guys)

2 lots of M12 draft at nats is shocking but I guess we will always have double core from now on

This nats was nowhere near as good as Brighton or London but much better than the NEC.

Philip Rogers said:

So what was everyones verdict on the weekend as a whole?


What should be kept or changed for next year?



no ptq seems really really bad, in terms of making a value judgement, it turned off a lot of people who would have maybe gone to grind in (because there was always the ptq consolation prize)

i think you should host nats at Donnington Park again. it was really fun having the venue literally in the middle of nowhere.


as a side note, combining nats with a gp (a la Brighton two years ago) was an excellent idea - how can it be arranged to do this again? I know London just had a GP but perhaps Manchester would be a suitable choice? or maybe go historic - Oxford, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Leeds.... Belfast?

It was mostly fine, the venue itself was nice and never felt cramped, being in the middle of a city was good (like Brighton was), no PTQs was a bit meh.
Phil Donnington Park was aweful, no hotels and in the middle of nowhere

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