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what's the pick? pack 1, pick 1 - brimstone volley or civilised scolar?

Its all in the title!

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Brimstone Volley - not close
Brimstone volley for sure
I'd call a judge and ask where the other cards are.
I think this is actually a really tough decision, and I'm not honestly sure right now.
i took scholar - its a powerful card, a good signal, and in the best colour.

Take the red card :D


Unless you also opened Back from the Brink and suspect it will table. 

I believe Peter made a comment about this in another post a week or so ago. 
I still think the best pick here has to be volley as its great removal. You can signal into blue with a flip card later if you want. 

ross miles said:
i took scholar - its a powerful card, a good signal, and in the best colour.
i'd take scholar because looting is even dumber in inn than it is in most limited formats

take the volley every single time, the looter is not that great (ignore Phil "I must play blue") also if this guy is ever flipped it is just annoying, nothing quite like a 5/1 tapped guy or they trade for there worst guy.

Signalling is not worth taking worse cards for, also both can be splashed but I would only ever splash the removal

what about the impact on the player to your right - if blue is the best (?) - i  think the player to my right was affected by my pick and i ended up getting a lot of good blue - much of it from 5th pick onwards that the player to my right may have taken - maybe the player to my right should have ignored my pick - but this is a unique option/tactic available when drafting this set . . .

scholar, not close


looting is very powerful in this format, 5/1 creatures for 3 are very solid. if you are annoyed about flipping him, use him in your pre-combat main phase... you lose the option to block, but its not THAT bad


compare the pick to firebolt vs cephalid looter in oddyssey block draft, except that volley is not a 2 for 1 and red is a slightly better colour than it was. looter was the pick every time. I could go on, but really there's an article worth of reasons to make this pick.


(note that I'm not evening talking about signalling, just power of card)

thanks for backing me up there p dids, looting is the shit


ps i realise this is probably a bit late but i have a connection in my flat now, so i can lend you modo cards if you still want stuff?

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