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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

i am not based in london at the moment.  does anyone know where i can play magic near or in bedford.  i can get to milton keynes quite easily, don't people play there?  please help me.

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Get in touch with kevin blake, who I think has an account on these forums and is the TO for MK iirc.

I live in Luton, apparently there's some Magic played somewhere here, although I need to find out more about when/where. Don't know if its casual or not, nor what formats (I think draft, but am not certain). If/when I find out more info, I'll post it here, as I've been meaning to go myself for a while since moving.


I think there is still a Magic club in Hemel, although I've not been for a few months (harder to get back as I don't drive)

The MK players meet here: if you can escape the bedford one way system.


they only draft twice a month afaik?

Yea, Kevin (or Finbarr) is your guy, you can find them here:


Nicolo Graziano lives in Bedford and we used to ride-share to MK - he may be interested in doing the same again, I dunno. There's also casual in Letchworth that i've ride-shared with Dominic Simmonds (he works in Harrison and Simmonds on the High St, really nice guy) if that's your kinda thing.

We meet every week on Tuesday for sanctioned events, alternating draft and standard, with the occasional oddball format thrown (an unanticipated benefit of losing FNM is we are not restricted to just 3 formats).   We also have a weekly EDH league on Thursdays.


I've sent Ross a pm ( I think, could have been a comment) with info.

Just man up and come play in London.
It's a pain in the arse to come in just for magic and also expensive.  Bedford is *gasp* EVEN FURTHER than Leighton Bumford!

Kieran Symington said:
Just man up and come play in London.

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