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I've been looking at Vintage decks on

It seems that Workshop Aggro decks use the total brokenness of Mishra's Workshop (and other Vintage cards) to land a Turn 1 or 2 threat of unfeasible size and then proceed to bash the opponent to death. It's hard for opponents who need colored mana to keep up as Workshop decks only need colorless which is amply provided by Workshop, Ancient Tomb, City of Traitors, Mana Crypt, Mana Vault and the totally busted Metalworker, as well as the more usual Moxes and Black Lotus. They can then land a Sphere or Resistance or Trinisphere or Tangle Wire to make it much harder for the opponent to do anything useful.

I've got a question, though. Why Triskelion? Karn, Silver Golem is obviously like a Tezzeret ultimate but on Turn 2. Even Juggernaut is a big dude who is pretty scary landing on Turn 1. But I don't really get Triskelion. He's a 4/4 for 6 with a tiny bit of reach. Is he there to kill Gaddock Teeg or Dark Confidant or something like that?

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Vintage doesn't have a lot of creature removal as a format and trisk does a good job of beating and killing such pesky creatures as the ones you have mentioned above and also Gorilla Shaman, metal worker, meddling mage, Kataki, goblin welder etc.
Are you thinking about investing in a set of power 9?
I have already invested in a color printer. Power 9 not so important.
i would recommend trying legacy first...

they are doing a play the game thingy in reading in a few weeks which i will be going to - format is legacy
Cool are you bringing some T1 decks down tonight? I might be tempted to stop by before the draft and give you a game.
Legacy and Vintage are VERY different.

Vintage is much fun to play, once you check it out properly and get past the "omg i lost the die roll out so you win on turn 1" thing most people who have never played it rant on about.
turn 1 kills were a lot more frequent before the bannings.

Fast bond + Gush = <3
play DREDGE!!!!!!
it is much awesomeness...
I prefer gro decks, they look cooler and play goyf!
nothing is cooler than having your library in the bin on turn1
and then killing them with it!!
oh i absolutely hate dredge, the deck requires not even the slightest hint of skill to play... (there are exceptions, good dredge players are like... well, rare) but yeah saying that vintage start with the die roll, the mulligan is mid-game and turn one is late-game is obviously an exaggeration.. its true though you need to know what hands to keep against what decks, but knowing your deck is very important. for example, in my opinion the most powerful deck *ever* would likely be TPS, but its impossibly hard to play. i reckon only about a handful of magic players in the world can effectively play that deck to its full potential (hence there is like a 20+ page FAQ on how to play the deck)

anyways to answer the question, triskelion is a very effective creature in that it kills most utility creatures in vintage, its possible to recur it with goblin welder after shooting off the damage to shoot it off again, each ping is a different activated ability, and so on and so on... most decks play a healthy mix of Karn, Juggernaut and Triskelion....

meh anyways, Painter's rules! :D
on a sidenote, it'd be REALLY cool if people bring (proxied or not) vintage decks to the game club.. sadly there are only like 4 active vintage players in london at the moment so it'd be good fun to make that community bigger :)

been trying to do the same in belgium..

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