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Modern Wild Pair for GP Lyon. Thoughts?

... so, I know you are all excited about the new Ravnica set... but there is a modern GP coming and would like some feedback. I want to pla…

Started by Peter Dun

11 Sep 22, 2012
Reply by Peter Dun

Modern Testing

Added a decklist here:   Comments please! I realise the metagame w…

Started by Amar Dattani

1 Oct 27, 2011
Reply by Amar Dattani

Eldrazi Green for Chinese Nationals

well, with nationals coming up soon, and the new bannings, I've gone from being 100% certain that I have the right deck, to very very uncer…

Started by Peter Dun

62 Jul 7, 2011
Reply by Peter Dun

Best Third Ally Colour

So I'm looking to make a new ally deck for some post-scars standard. The base colour has to be White, since all the best allies (Freeblade/…

Started by Kieran Symington

13 May 11, 2011
Reply by Kevin Blake

Standard Open the Vaults?

First a decklist// Lands    5 [ROE] Plains (1)    1 [ROE] Swamp (1)    6 [ROE] Island (1)    3 [ZEN] Marsh Flats// Spells    4 [M10] Howlin…

Started by Peter Dun

13 Jun 3, 2010
Reply by Gary Lynch

Warp World?

I was thinking today about the synergies between various Rise cards and Warp World. The Green and Red Creatures that make Spawn tokens woul…

Started by Kieran Symington

3 Apr 23, 2010
Reply by Gary Lynch

Extended combo deck idea (Halp pls?)

20 lands (tbc)4 Dryad Arbor4 Through the Breach4 Protean Hulk4 Hedron Crab4 Sakura Tribe Elder4 Seething Song4 Remand4 Vendilion Clique4 Pe…

Started by Dan Barrett

14 Feb 23, 2010
Reply by Philip Dickinson

dv8r's possible decklists for extended (almost certainly all bad, but to start you thinking)

Second Sunrise Combo (this is what I'm going to play at Reading, but remember, I'm not playing to win)// Lands    4 [HOP] Seat of the Synod…

Started by Peter Dun

11 Feb 8, 2010
Reply by Daniel Royde

Fringe extended decklists

I'm really liking this Adrian Sullivan one: creature [10] 3 Countryside Crusher 4 Dark Confidant 3 Simian Spirit Guide instant [20] 3 Bu…

Started by Dan Barrett

19 Jan 10, 2010
Reply by Charlie Grover

LFG - Play testing group for tournaments

In short I suck at magic and basicially its down to lack of competitive practise. MTGO is ok but nothing quite like playing opposite someon…

Started by Julian Dale

0 Jan 3, 2010


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