Demonic Tutor

Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Players (in turn order):

* Thomas David Baker
Dan Barrett
Tiffany Leek
Gary Lynch
Ross Miles
Kieran Symington
Ben Titmarsh
Paul Young

Thomas David Baker Turn 1.

Rule 301 (Proposal):

Any player may, on their turn, reduce another player's score by any number of points provided they also reduce their own score by this many points.  Their score may not fall below 0 this way.

Please vote on this proposal below.

* Thomas David Baker YES
Dan Barrett YES
Tiffany Leek YES
Gary Lynch YES
Ross Miles YES
Kieran Symington YES
Ben Titmarsh YES
Paul Young NO

(Not adopted.)

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vote NO, too early for this rule to fuck people over imo.

btw, guessing tom carn't vote so majority is 4 people in this game. Also this is not given a rule classification, what are all rules by default.
What do you mean by: "this is not given a rule classification"?

All rules by default are on the group homepage:

Unanimity (not majority) is required for rule changes on the first two turns:

203. A rule-change is adopted if and only if the vote is unanimous among the eligible voters. If this rule is not amended by the end of the second complete circuit of turns, it automatically changes to require only a simple majority.
I Agree.

Tom I think he means naminig the rule, Im sure I read that somewhere.
LOL just realsied no point my agreeing if Paul already said no.
Actually it affects my point score. So thanks :)

I score 301 - 291 = 10 * 0.5 = 5 for the round taking my score to 5.

It's Dan's turn.

Gary Lynch said:
LOL just realsied no point my agreeing if Paul already said no.
do we not all have to vote?

dont you lose 10 points as rule 206 states?
This appears to be correct, that would make your score 0

ross miles said:
do we not all have to vote?

dont you lose 10 points as rule 206 states?
According to the rules, everyone has to vote on every rule change.

I vote yes on Tom's proposal since there's no actual chance of it being passed and I can now constantly take the moral high ground if Tom votes against any of my proposals.
i vote yes too. mainly because i hope to join kieran on the moral high ground and then push him off.
I've read the rules once and missing the part of when do you say if your rule is immutable or mutable, or am i not getting this game?
I think all rules start as mutable and then you have to propose to change them to immutable.

Also I wish the other people would hurry up and join in.
Dan Barrett Turn 1.

Rule 302 (Proposal):

Any player who votes in favour of another player's rule suggestion receives 1 point if that rule change is adopted.

Vote pls?


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