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Until midnight of the fourteenth day after the adoption of this rule, a "Rules Blitzkrieg" shall be performed. During this period, the rules modifications outined below are in effect. This does not create permanent changes to the
rules of the game - upon the 14 day period expiring this rule is immediately
repealed and the game returns to normal.

1. Rule 201 is suspended. There is no turn order, and players do not take turns. Players may post rules whenever they wish, with the exception that any player may only have
one proposal being voted on by the other players at any one time. (This is the only important change - the rest are just to help this one work properly).

2. Rule 209 is suspended. When the fortnight is due to finish, if rule 209 has not been amended and there are currently over 25 mutable rules, rule 209 is repealed. (This rule is here to encourage people tomake as many proposals as possible during this period).

3. Players cannot score points as a result of rules that provide points for making or voting on proposals. Other methods of point scoring are still in effect. (This rule is here to lessen the amount of points bookkeeping that allowing scoring from proposals would entail).

4. Rule 306 is suspended. Instead, once 24 hours have passed since a proposal was made, if more than one other player has voted on any given proposal, that proposal is passed
or not passed based on what the majority of voters on that proposal have
decided. If there is no majority either way, the proposal is defeated. (This rule is here to stop people from refusing to vote on proposals - something which would stop that player from participating further in the rules blitzkrieg).

5. Rule 314 is modified. A player may claim a maximum of one point for successfully hiding or spotting card names in each proposal. Players may still attempt to hide as many names as they wish, but will only receive one point regardless of how many are unspotted. This does not affect the bonus points awarded for concealing Cheatyface. (This rule is here to stop people taking advantage of the confusion by sneaking in multiple card names and hoping nobody votes in time).

6. Rules 318 and 319 are modified. A player who does not currently have an open challenge to a hunting trip may challenge another player to a hunting trip at any time. However, the player challenged in this way has the right to refuse the trip. If they do, then no hunting trip takes place and the challenge is closed. If they accept the challenge, the trip occurs as normal. The same applies to gambling proposals under rule 319. All hunting trip challenges will be posted on a “huntng trip challenge” thread, and gambling challenges on a “gambling challenge”
thread. These threads will be created upon the adoption of this rule. (This rule is here to make it easier to carry on with these rules while the blitzkrieg is in effect, and to stop people from repeatedly spamming hunting trips and gambling challenges).

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I vote yes, could make things more interesting.

Also 1 point for spotting proposal :)
Yes. Spotted: Cheatyface, Okk, Opt, Ow, Repeal, Sunder, Yare.
yes - spotetd jessian lookout and tallon trooper
Guess i'll vote no coz there is no chance that there will not be another yes from the remaining 3 votes.
This is an awesome proposal.
I was really hoping nobody would notice I'd just come straight out and put Cheatyface in the proposal.

Also - Yare? What sort of name is that???

Thomas David Baker said:
Yes. Spotted: Cheatyface, Okk, Opt, Ow, Repeal, Sunder, Yare.
apologies, I thought i'd voted on this. Can't remember what it is, and don't have time to read it, but yes!
I am bored with waiting and thus I deem that this rule has been voted in and will be in effect until midnight on the 21st April 2010, which is apparently also the Queen's birthday. I don't know whether it's the real one or the official one or whatever that all is I don't know. Tom will be along to do numbers and shit and stuff isn't it. I will set up the hunting and gambling trip threads. I will also propose a rule. All these things.
Proposal is passed. Blitzkrieg lasts until midnight 21st April 2010.

Kieran scores ROUND((320 - 291) * (7 / 8)) (Rule 202) = 26
Paul scores 1 (Rule 302) + 10 (Rule 204) = 11
Tom scores 1 (Rule 302) + 1 (Rule 303) + 7 (Rule 314) = 9
Gary, Ross and Tiff score 1 (Rule 302) + 1 (Rule 303) = 2
Ben and Dan score 1 (Rule 303)


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