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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Points win condition:

A player must arrive at a total point score of 301 exactly in order to win the game. If their total score passes 301, they do not win. If a player's score exceeds 301 during points allocation, their points award is subtracted from their score, otherwise, it is calculated normally.

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I vote no. I think this will be too difficult to achieve.
I didnt know Andrew Buchanan was playing :)

Dan Barrett said:
is this allowed??

Thomas David Baker said:
Proposal ends at 10:12pm tonight due to Blitzkrieg rules, it has no more effect than not posting but I wanted you to know I was listening :)
I vote no to this, too - scoring exactly 301 is going to be almost impossible if Tom's proposed removal of most of the points scoring rules gets passed.
This proposal ends with votes 2-2 and is NOT passed. No points are awarded to any player.


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