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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Anyone going to one or other of these weekend of the 19th?

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Should be in MK

Neither, but any interest in some cube on the Saturday?

I *might* have a returning James Mills in tow!

A returning Mills, back for a visit or good?

I am going to MK with Rebecca, Jonno and Louis in the same car, that is the plan anyway.

No Mills after all next Sat (couldn't change his flight as planned), and not sure. He'll be back for the GP, though.

I'm going to MK.

O/U on Ray's car breaking down?  Or have you upgraded?

Let's Oak it up on Saturday anyway, Dan?

I am meeting Simon to borrow cards for the PTQ on Sunday and I have a possible new cube to try out ...

I think I should be available for this, bring a couple Modern decks too?

I have Bogle, Jund, URW and Twin on me at all times these days!

Spill the beans on this cube Tom

Gonna guess gold cards only? Was an idea I thought of.

It would cost about a billion pounds to make without proxies and features Cancel  It actually only has about 185 cards in it right now so it still needs some work.

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