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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Please log into your DCI site and make sure your Country is GB and your region is England if you wish to be able to take part in the English WMCQs.


follow this link: all the relevant steps

or just copy and paste the link directly.

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Yup, shame it gives me a runtime error whenever I try to do it... Time to try another browser or two...

Yup, broken on FF and Chrome.

Worked for me on Firefox. Cheers Ray

Re: it being broken - I had the same thing, but you have to (paradoxically) still choose "great britain" in the first drop-down, read the instructions very closely and you'll see you choose region on the next page!

Thanks Dan :) Given that I now might be in the States for the Cambridge PTQ, I was half tempted to try to find a Welsh or Scottish address to use... Will have one GPT, one PTQ and maybe some drafts to make up about 160 points.

It's totally not obvious!

Yea I have 1 maybe 2 PTQs, Saturday's GPT, and a couple drafts for ~150 points now after Saturday's lacklustre performance... 

Thanks Ray you are awesome.

Seriously considering representing the (nonexistent) Welsh part of my family as I probably won't make 200 ...

Re: Being Welsh
This feels like an argument that it might be worth having. This email says that for the UK they will use "place of birth" instead of "citizen". Can someone help me phrase my reply?

Nationality for magic world cup
 Discussion Thread
 Response Via Email (Support Agent) 27/02/2012 10.08 AM
Hi Daniel,

Thank you for your e-mail.

For the invitation criteria you must of been born in that country. So for the example of Wales, you must of been either born in Wales or of been a resident of Wales since January 2012 in order to be eligible.

Please let me know if you have anymore questions or issues.


Joe Churcher
Game Support Representative – UK & Ireland
Wizards of the Coast – Hasbro UK
+44 84 57 125 599
 Customer By Email (Daniel Royde) 26/02/2012 10.27 PM

The Premier Event Invitation Policy document (
contains the following:

In In order to be eligible for the residential-specific participation
and/or invitation criteria (listed above) during the year 2012, a player
must be either:
• a citizen of that country, or
• have been a resident of that country since January 1, 2012

Could you please provide some clarification on the first of those with
regards to England/Wales/Scotland/NI. What definition of a "citizen of
Wales" are you going to be using?


Daniel Royde

This e-mail has been scanned for viruses by Star MessageLabs.

This e-mail has been scanned for viruses by Star MessageLabs.
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Date Created:  26/02/2012 10.27 PM
Last Updated:  27/02/2012 10.08 AM
Status:  Solved

Yeah you have to have changed address before Jan. Thats why I couldnt play Nats last year, I was living here but still counted as being a UK player. Its a bit dumb but I guess its the best they can come up with.

It's not too late to change, at least that's what Scot larabee said in Hawaii. He was less keen on the "switching countries" thing.

Were you born in Wales, Royde? If not, I think you'll have to face-up to the fact that Richard is the pro for England...

Rebecca, you can only play the even for the country you are registered in on the wizards site so you would need to change it.


I would speak to someone at wizards and get confirmation though because they may decide to uphold the January rule and say it was too late. If you have an email from someone at wizards it should be fine.

Better safe than sorry.

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