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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Mr. C is hosting a games day from midday on Thursday. Will go on until late so working scrubs like me can turn up later. I said I would pop something up on here.

I probably shouldn't write his address out on a public forum but you can get it off me if you need it. It's in Chiswick.

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I will probably be busy, but I can come along later, can you ask martin if he has a spare room? :D
I might be able to make it along around 7ish. What games are on offer?
'Will go on until late so working scrubs.....'

games and games and games with added games on!

I cn bring War on Terror (Ross is the twin towers - PILEONS) and munchkin and fluxx and poker dice and and and top trumps and and and..

Or my workload will bite me on the arse and I'll be sat at home swearing.

One of those things.
I'll be at Hellfest - I love saying that!
I'll be at home. With flu. Oh yeah!
path to exile > infectious horror.

Kieran Symington said:
I'll be at home. With flu. Oh yeah!

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