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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Yea, i know it's a weekday so somewhat limiting

It's bragster-related, for some videos related to something coming shortly with WotC. Can't say much more than that at present. Should be a fun day though, some cool people coming along. ;)

I'm looking at you, Stanj. Anyone else that might be available, leave a message and i'll get back to you as soon as possible with a bit more in the way of details.

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I'm going to be at HELLFEST!!!!
In the evening? Can we do whatever it is at FNM?
likely most of the day.
Sucks I cant swap my shift, so I wont be there. I finish at 6 though so if you want to come meet me at my pub we can head down to Martins thing after. Rob you too.

Anyone else? I can't really give out details publicly, but trust me, it will DEFO be worth your while coming down for a few hours! :D
Freelancing is win :-)
free lunch + product + etc...

Have Tiff and Rob marked down as coming, 1 or 2 more pls?
What time do we need to get there and where is it?
Ideally for 11am, but as long as you're there by 12 that'll do. Will probably take until around 3/4pm - if time is an issue though, we can make sure we get all your stuff done first.

bragster is located 5 mins walk from Liverpool St, 10 mins walk from Old st tub stations.

Shout and i'll PM you some more secret details. :)

Ben Titmarsh said:
What time do we need to get there and where is it?
still need more people you reckon? think i can make it :)

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