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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Dan Royde 8-1 at the end of Day 1.


Anyone else we know representing?  Dan told me that a group of British players that were Q'ed for the PT were doing the GP+PT thing in Pennsylvania but I didn't see any familiar names in a quick scan.  And of course they are all marked as being from the USA because is ... not always brilliant.



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also, how amazing would UB ld be in this metagame... :P

especially post sb with seizes, spell pierce and extraction.... half the decks can't beat extraction, let alone resource denial (noone is playing lotus bloom combo decks, which are worse for vore than ritual ones...)


EDIT: get those raven crimes, hornet stings and gut shots for ptq season :P

Who do you want to play at 3-2 to avoid elimination Dan?


Oh, Shuuhei Nakamura please.




He lost his bubble round :(

Oh, I was thinking x-2 was the bubble, but that's GP.  D'oh.


He played Chris Pikula after that, and got at least three wins.  Seems like a good first outing!

... 201, so doesn't even get the extra pro point by ONE place. Pray someone gets dq'ed tomorrow? :P
stephen murray finished 417/417 :S

I'm hoping that my tiebreakers change and bump me up a couple of places. Maybe a DQ or two...

It would be nice.

I hope this was just a practise run for your World Championship win later this year!

I/we were not very well prepared for this event. I played terribly due to only choosing my deck on Thursday, and spending too much of that day putting the cards together, and not playing games. 

We had no non public tech. 


So yes, practice run.

What deck did you play btw?


Sucks you guys weren't as prepared as the other groups :(

Well Dan, congratulations, guess with this DQ, next year you are a paid Pro.



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