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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Dan was talking about booking a hotel. I can't make it to GPT tomorrow, but count me in still. Let me know what the details are in this thread.

At FNM Mark was also looking to book somewhere. Are there any more spaces Dan?

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I'm not part of that plan but I'll put your money in for you if Dan is after cash today.

I booked the "Henares" room at Brighton's best hotel (according to Hotel Una.

That sounds posh but Henares is actually their box room and was nice and cheap! There are a couple of other cheapish single rooms too. If anyone wants to book "Quaile" with private bar and cinema I'll be happy to drop by ...
Okay, here's the deal:

4 of the MK guys (where i used to play) who are Q'd found a place doing really good rates right by the venue (under 3 mins walk) - gave me the details, said i should get more Magic players to stay there too. Here's the website:

Basically, i've not yet rung up to ask if they still have space, but assuming they have, it'll be £120/person for wed/thurs/fri/sat nights. I was after 3 other people because i know they do rooms for 4, but tbh the more of us we can get staying in the same place the better!

I'll chat to some of you later at the GPT, report back here later, and hopefully we'll have this booked up by Monday night.

Shout if you're interested!

(edit: have emailed them, will update if/when i get a reply)
look on or they have awesome deals on some B&B's in brighton
I'm one of the MK guys, but I'm still looking for a room, so if there's space going let me know :)
Hey all - i'm gonna ring the place up tomo and find out what they have going, then will post on here at lunchtime.

I'm assuming if i book a room people can send me money via paypal/bank transfer straight away, or i can get you to ring up and pay your share separately later the same day.
Im backing out, im still not entirely sure what im doing yet, do not book for me..

I rang up and they had an 8-bed dorm and a 3-bed ensuite room going for (90/120) per person for the 4 nights.

Concerned by the logistics of arranging 7 other people and getting it paid for and still making rent, i've provisionally put my name down for the 3-bed room, and need to pay later tonight.

Millsy has already shotgunned one slot (and will pay me tomorrow, right James?), so we have one left, who wants in? I need the money asap, or might be able to arrange for you to pay your share straight to the hotel, not sure.

Note: We're both prone to being loud and drunk, and Gary and/or Rob will try and sleep on our floor at some point, if either of these things bother you... LOL.
just making sure that im NOT included in this as i have already booked my own accomadation.
Don't worry Amar - I don't think Dan is just going to randomly include people :)

Amar Dattani said:
just making sure that im NOT included in this as i have already booked my own accomadation.
I'm going on holiday the week before nationals, so I still need to figure out if I can make the thursday. Put me down as a provisional yes, but if you get someone who can provide a definite yes then i dont mind stepping down.
I'll take the 3rd space if you have no other offers, PM me your bank details and I'll make sure I get cash transfered tonight or whatever.
Okay, so it's me Millsy and Stu then, if all concerned are happy with that arrangement?

Soz Ben, but i have to pay tonight to get the room for definite - that being said they still have all the beds in that dorm going, just you might end up with a 4 magic players / 4 random others split.

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