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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

7am or a little later start from London in a car works.

There's a 9:07 train (19 GBP Advance fare) that gets you in in plenty of time but the last train back is around 8pm (if you play out the Swiss or Top 8 you will surely miss it with the 12pm start).

I also have an apartment in Bretby which is less than 2 hours from Liverpool by car says Google maps.  It has two bedrooms.  Deb and I can stay at her Mum's.  So one single, one (smallish) double, a sofa and some floor space going spare.  Splits the journey time to Liverpool approximately in half.  So that might be very useful on the way there or the way back or both depending on how much you hate early starts, late nights and/or driving.  Trains from my place to Liverpool and back take longer than London trains so staying at my place probably involves me or someone else driving (preferably someone else!)

What say you road warriors?

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RAWR!!!! (that's dinosaur for "bring it")

EDIT: (which is american for yes)

I would be up for the drive. I can also bring a friend to lower cost.
Good! Would you do up and back in one day Roy or do you like my stopping in the Midlands plan?
I would mind the stay, although I can't drive! Neither can my mate.
Oh I see!
First, that was meant to be "I wouldn't mind staying!" Not I would haha, sorry. Tbh I'm easy, whatever people want to do.

I am definitely coming to this now - don't mind how I get back, would like to travel down in the morning, either by car or train.

after making almost 50tix off an evenings play with scapeshift, and going something like 25-2 (with one loss due to sacking all my lands to kill opp in a g3, then realising I only had 5 mountains in deck, and one win against a deck with md mindsensor, arbiter and other assorted hate), I think I might want to play scapeshift at the ptq :P

Woah.  Sounds good Pete.  I might try and learn my three times table so I can play it too ...

Did you play Khalni Heart/Prismatic Omen?

the list Louis played, except I've now added sowing salt to the sb

Any chance you could post the list? Need to get some more constructed experience under my belt.

Paul Hodgson said:

Any chance you could post the list? Need to get some more constructed experience under my belt.

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