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PT Gatecrash PTQs (Do you like PTQs? I like spreadsheets.)

Found this list of PTQs for next season.  Added a few that were a bit further away that I'd consider going to.



Date Store Street City Province Country Distance # US DATE Email Locate
13/10/2012 Penta Hotel Reading Oxford Road Reading England Great Britain 2 10/13/2012 Email Locate It
27/10/2012 Carlton Castletroy Park Hotel Dublin Road Limerick Ireland 6 10/27/2012 Email Locate It
28/10/2012 Oberonn Kempische Steenweg 27 bus 1 Hasselt Belgium 9 10/28/2012 Email Locate It
3/11/2012 Firestorm Games 8a Trade Street Cardiff Wales Great Britain 3 11/3/2012 Email Locate It
10/11/2012 Highlander Games 98 Annfield Road Dundee Scotland Great Britain 7 11/10/2012 Email Locate It
17/11/2012 Mercure St Pauls 119 Norfolk Street Sheffield England Great Britain 4 11/17/2012 Email Locate It
25/11/2012 Fan Boy Three 17 Newton Street Manchester England Great Britain 5 11/24/2012 Email Locate It
25/11/2012 Crous 45 Bd Diderot Paris Paris France 10 11/25/2012 Email Locate It
1/12/2012 Xtremetrades Gaming Centre Unit E2 Colchester England Great Britain 1 12/01/2012 Email Locate It
2/12/2012 Halle aux Sucres 32, avenue du Peuple Belge Lille Nord France 8 12/2/2012 Email Locate It
16/12/2012 Outpost Gent Ottergemsesteenweg 13 Gent Belgium 11 12/16/2012 Email Locate It


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Is there any sensible reasoning behind the vanishingly small number of PTQs in London?

I am up for Reading on 13th October, at least.

Format is Sealed and Draft Top 8 which is good for folks hoping to lucksack their way in (me).

PS Spreadsheets are just terribly organized programs.

Back when I was young, we had to walk 14 miles through the snow to play our one PTQ per season.

Wow, of the 4 closest PTQs, 3 of them have a "local" GP on the same weekend :/

Tom - my guess is they don't like Jason as he doesn't have a shop, but they don't like Dark Sphere either?

I dunno if its the same on Aus, but they've moved the PTQs there to different stores as well, either to test other stores' capability to run a PTQ, or just to share the love.

resurrecting this in light of Nick's (xtremetrades) announcement: the colchester ptq tentatively has additional prizes as follows:

1st: slot & airfare obvz

2nd: kindle fire HD

3rd & 4th: kindle fire

5th - 8th: £100 store credit

crazy stuff, i will actually break my ~5 year sealed-format hiatus for this!

Funny that for the first time I could actually put people up for the colchester one, but am playing wow in london

Man you guys are so lucky.


We get 1 PTQ per season and the next one is on when im on my honeymoon, not only that, the same weekend there is a GPT where the winner gets a flight to Australia :(

House swap Glenn!!!

if you want to come down and crash you know your more than welcome big man.  None of your weird Welsh swingers parties though

Nick Lovett said:

House swap Glenn!!!

Damn! I have been rumbled!

Was gonna bring my prized Ewe with me - Betty

the thing about having a prized one means you have more and they have dissapointed you in some way

Nick Lovett said:

Damn! I have been rumbled!

Was gonna bring my prized Ewe with me - Betty

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