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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Michael J. Flores: Deckade
by Michael J. Flores
“When it comes to the history or theory of Magic: The Gathering, few are as well qualified as Mike Flores. I should know: It was a deck of his design – Napster – that I piloted to the 2000 National Championships. What I learned then is equally true today: When Mike Flores says something about Magic, you'd do well to listen.”
– Jon Finkel, Hall of Fame Inductee, Subject of Jonny Magic and the Card Shark Kids

For over a decade Michael J. Flores has been using the internet to write about Magic: The Gathering. As the game has grown so has Mike's voice. Today he is one of the game's leading theorists and deck designers. He writes weekly columns for two different websites, including the official site of the game, and provides color commentary for the game's webcasts.

For the first time ever Mike's output is being collected into a print collection that starts in 1995 and continues through his 2005 work. All of his seminal theories and decks are included in this massive 700 page tome; from 'Investment' to 'How We All Learned to Break The Rule of Four' to 'Silver Bullets' to 'The Philosophy of Fire'. Offered exclusively at

If it appeared on the old Usenet boards, The Magic Dojo, Neutral Ground, Brainburst, or Star City Games it is all collected in Deckade with new commentary by Michael J. Flores and introductions by some of the top names in Magic including Randy Buehler, Brian David-Marshall, Zvi Mowshowitz and more!

This essential piece of Magic history is only available at Order your copy of Deckade now!

ISBN-10: 0-9778395-0-8
Price: $25.00 USD
UPDATE: Due to overwhelming positive response, we are still offering signed copies

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I quite fancy reading this myself, having already read "jonny magic", the Jon Finkel biography (i can lend it if anyone wants a read).

Also, has anyone read Jamie Wakefield's book? I quite fancy checking that one out too.
I personally dislike Flores...

So he made a deck that won something big at some point - big deal. I'd rather read Scott-Vargas, Menedian, Feldman etc (if they were to make some sort of ebook obviously)...

Flores feels to me like someone who USED to to be a kingpin of Magic, but is now just a washed up ex pro trying to scrape a living by selling his old stuff.

$25? not worth it IMO.
im wiht warren on this one...
I think his artciles are okay, but not having the finishes to back them up kinda hurts credibility.

On this front, Chapin book next week?
now there is a good question. agree about flores - useless tripe.
but chapin is a decent deckbuilder and i am tempted to read this if the reviews are good
Chapin is much the same as Flores IMO - he's earned his reputation through being a 'cool' character (though I think he's a complete numpty). Chapin is definitely more in touch with the modern game than Flores, though I still wouldn't give him my money.

Reminds me of bands who release their 'greatest hits' after only a few years of playing. It's blatant money grabbing nonsense.

All of Chapin's best stuff is available on starcitygames anyway, so why would you pay for it plus the chaff that will make up the rest of the 'book'?

Scott-Vargas on the other hand, I would pay for. He's a big fat nerd who knows this game backwards because it's all he can do. I'd rather pay for his brainfarts than some anorexic dude who thinks he's the cats pyjama's, but is really just a slightly cooler breed of uber-nerd.

And yes, I'm grumpy today.

Dan Barrett said:
I think his artciles are okay, but not having the finishes to back them up kinda hurts credibility.
On this front, Chapin book next week?
Hmm, you often see one of Chapin's team-mates doing well with a deck they designed together though. Which leads me to think his deckbuilding skills are well worth listening to, just his playing isn't quite as good as theirs / he gets unlucky a lot.

End of the day though, he's clearly a shitload better than me, so worth listening to, i think.

Though agreed Warren, LSV would be better. I need to start reading ChannelFireball...
I'm definitely getting Chapin's thing. He should make it available through
I respect chapin, mostl y because the list of 5cb there playing is so damned perfect I cant make it do anything different and good, and not for lack of trying...
If you can't think for yourself, gtfo :D

If you plan on buying this, buy a shotgun and 1 bullet aswell

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