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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Or is there a better choice?

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That is all.
play jund ramp. :D
Dan Barrett said:
play jund ramp. :D

Does that beat Faeries? As the control deck or as the beatdown? Volcanic Fallout + Maelstrom Pulse + Big Draginz control?
my plan was the same as warrens...
but it should be noted with a good list. with tech cards because im me...
Always, Charlie, always. Don't tell me, Husk and Redcap have woken up in the land of the Faeries?
no. regrettably..maybe redcap in the side
To deal with that Magus of the Moon?

Oh wait...

That Ginger One said:
no. regrettably..maybe redcap in the side
No, because its good removal and bonus chumpers. It used to be in sides for more than just MotM
Faeries are amazing, but you will all misplay it to hell and then brown about it
Except me. and you....<3 blue control decks

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