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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

As some of you are already aware we will be hosting one of the World Magic Cup Qualifiers on Saturday 14th April. The format is standard constructed and full information can be found at

Best wishes,

The Dark Sphere Team

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Who knows how this works?  If you get 200 this season is this the only qualifier that you can attend or can you also attend the other two (if you don't win this one)?  Or do you have to pick one?  Or are the other qualifiers based on points in other seasons?  Or ... something else?

(Sadly I will be missing this one ...)

As far as I'm aware you should be able to attend all three (unless you win one!).

Sweet.  Do we know when/where the other two are?  I guess not at Dark Sphere!  Good luck with this event - you must expecting a BIG turnout.  More than Nats even because qualifying for this is a fair bit easier??

One is Fan Boy 3 in Manchester and I think somewhere in Nottingham got the third.  

Thanks! We're obviously hoping this will be popular and I should imagine this will be our biggest event to date!   :)

cardiff & swansea, I believe.

Oh man, the day after my birthday!

so i'm not sure if i understand organised play anymore, what exactly are these? are the following correct:

you can only enter if you have 200pts this season (or are ppc level 2 etc)

if you win you get an invite to worlds

a bit confused about what exactly this is

exactly that, Phil.

In short - they are invite-only (200+ pts for invite) PTQs for new-worlds team.

The deadline for 200 points is when?

wow thats terrible, gj wizards!

Phil this is genius by Wizards, for instance Nats you could rock up to 1 tourney and q, now you have to play a bunch for a lot less in prizes (just guessing given how much Nats champ got and Royde got last year)

It's like a ptq, except that the event you qualify for isn't as good as a pro tour since there is a lot less prize money.

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