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2 Baneslayer, and some U/W lands for sat?

Please can i borrow/trade for: 2 Baneslayer Angel some quantity of Mystic Gates and Glacial Fortress So i cmna play the deck i should h…

Started by Dan Barrett

13 Aug 13, 2009
Reply by Jake Woolrich

So who wants to lend me 2 maelstrom pulse?

Well, who does? I can bring along loads of cards to lend, and priority will ofc be given to people lending me maelstrom pulses for nats. I…

Started by Charlie Grover

4 Aug 5, 2009
Reply by Charlie Grover

Gary's needs for LCQ/Nats

After raiding my folders, Gary still needs the following cards for his deck, which he intends to qualify with Wed afternoon and then play i…

Started by Dan Barrett

6 Aug 4, 2009
Reply by Raymond Wat

Steve Bernstein owes me 9 shiny things

Just a public record of our barbecue-related transaction yesterday evening at M's (thanks M! Love that potato salad!) I should probably no…

Started by Thomas David Baker

8 Jun 22, 2009
Reply by Tiff Leek

Can anyone lend 3 Caves of Koilos, 4 Fetid Heath, 1 Stillmoon Cavalier for Reading PTQ tomorrow?

I'll be at FNM tonight if you can. Thanks!

Started by Thomas David Baker

3 Jun 19, 2009
Reply by Thomas David Baker

Tom and Amar Lending

For Reading/Barcelona (two of the finest cities in the world): - 1 Fire-Lit Thicket - 2 Firespout - 4 Jund Charm - 4 Savage Lands - 4 Fiel…

Started by Thomas David Baker

2 Jun 9, 2009
Reply by Thomas David Baker

Tom and Ben Lending

- 2 Noble Hierarch - 3 Wooded Bastion - 1 Wilt Leaf Liege - 2 Windbrisk Heights

Started by Thomas David Baker

0 Jun 9, 2009


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