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At the Milton Keynes GPT on sunday I met Nicolo's friend John who alters magic cards. Being a bit of an EDH fiend I comissioned a few cards from him. Nicolo has just sent me these scans and they are simply stunning. I wanted to highlight his work to you guys as this is the best card altering I have seen. If any of you are considering getting this done don't bother with any of the wannabe's on eBay, John can do a much better job. Here are the scans:

Here is a link to some more of his work (The Ajani Goldmane in particular is outstanding)

I don't have his contact details on me, but get in touch with Nicolo (his manager) for more info.

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Lion-O Ajani rocks. Seriously. Rocks.
Um, they are pretty much amazing!
I was wondering how that adjudicator would look turns out pretty damn hot!
Team Demonic Tutor Art Club??? ..I have been inspired to dig out paints. I have not painted for erm *someyears*. ere's a
very rough first shot. I then tidied him up and sealered him then dropped him on the floor. He is not a well elemental ner more. Losing the edges at the bottom was deffo a mistake but I'm starting to get the idea of the medium. Fiddly fiddly.

p p p pick up a paintbrush!
i can do alterations too you know :(
well i havent done any serious ones yet but me and a friend are doing some 'workshops' in the summer, ill let you guys know :D
i can do alterations too you know :(

Team DT demands evidence! Post yer scans!
Nathan Gotlib said:
i can do alterations too you know :(

Hrah! Once I have done a couple more we should have some challenges! Alter card of choice in the style of? Alter X card? Alter a card inserting 80s cartoon character (foreign language dubbed)? ...?
Bad tom! :P

Thomas David Baker said:
i can do alterations too you know :(

Team DT
Team DT is better, because then it could stand for "delerium tremens", which lets face it, rock stars such as us get from time to time...

That Ginger One said:
Bad tom! :P

Thomas David Baker said:
i can do alterations too you know :(

Team DT
i will definitely take up the challenge!
i'm off for a couple of 'business' trips now so i won't have time, but it's ON!

also, had this idea:
if someone would be interested in having their elder dragon general printed manually with extended artwork (basically not really a legal card, but the shape will be the same and it's EDH so all that matters is the PIMP-factor) let me know... like some of you might know i study graphic design specializing in print and i have a few techniques that will look really nice printed :)

if you care and want to know what im talking about, check
the technique i'm using is called solar plate/photo polymer plate :p
Yeah well I've got to learn/remember how to paint again as well...!

Ooh I like. Your sig pic and the latest stuff particularly.
pick up a paintbrush attempt 2. It's a little bit depressing that it's as hard going as it is. Rusted.

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