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I'll be entering the LCQs so need somewhere for 4 nights, wednesday 5th to sunday 9th. Cheapest i've found so far is £35 a night, but still seems a bit pricey. Dan - tried your place and they are booked up. Tom - your place is way too expensive, cheapest remaining room being £220!

I'm basically looking for the cheapest thing possible with an individual lockable door (dont want to do the hostel thing this time).

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I think for a single room you are not really gonna get cheaper than £35. U not gonna go sleep in your van?
Well I want to, but the nearest campsite is miles away and parking in central brighton is expensive. Don't really fancy taking my chances on some random side road!
Just came across this little Gem, £30 a night with breakfast and it's next door to the brighton centre:

Booked a room, awesome.
i was looking for a place too...
ill try and book it so i might be joining you there if theres still room :)
I have a place lined up for Firday and Saturday night in a B&B, £45pppn. Anyone interested, let me know by tonight. (Single, Twin or triple ensuite).

So, i'll be staying at the same hotel Ben is. Now, I could only book a 2-people bedroom so if anyone is interested they're invited to stay with me for £20 a night.. (sadly the last rooms available were £60 a night so it's still a nice deal :))
I'll be there from the 5th in the evening and i'm leaving on the 10th in the morning.
Let me know!
nathan i haven't got around to sorting accomodation so i'll gladly take u up on the offer
cool, well you got the details on the website..
ill probably come by the games club on friday cause im in london for a few days so we can talk it over :)
let me know if you're not coming then we'll sort something else out
What about the "Pebble Beach" Hotel?

It's practiacally free and has great, unobstructed views of the sea.
Extremely spacious "open plan" accommodation.
Ensuite bathroom (the sea), toilet (the sea) and washing facilities (the sea).
Special area for those wishing to sleep and move around in the naked (nudist beach).
Breakfast is included, but it consists of the previous night's discarded fish & chips.
And the award for the nonsense ..... goes to Jason Howlett


I bet you have a nice and free hotel!
*in a very enthusiastic tone*

oooh Jason can you please give me the address for that hotel its a lot cheaper than what i had!

thanks a bunch!

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