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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Matt here from Axion Comics,

These are the details of our Nationals Qualifier:

EVENT: Nationals Qualifier Chesham
...DATE: Sunday April 10th 2011
FORMAT: Standard (Zendikar Block, M11, Scars of Mirrodin Block)
LOCATION: Chesham Town Hall.
START TIME: 10am doors open for a 11am start
- Qualifying spots to GB Nationals 2011 based on turnout.
- First Place will receive full accommodation for the duration of GB Nationals
- Two packs will be added to the prize pool per player, distribution will be based on turnout and standings.

Chesham is located on the end of the Metropolitan Line, with the Town Hall a two minute walk from the station.

Alternatively it is an ease to get to via car, located just off the M40, M1 and M25. The station car park offers parking all day for just 3 pounds and on sundays the Town Hall car park is free.

A quick reminder that this is a REL competitive event so you will need to fill out a deck list to be collected at round 1. This event has a K Value of 32.

Side Drafting will be available after round 3.

Head Judge: Henry Guille


Chesham Town Hall

The shop's address:

Axion Comics
40 High St
Tel: 01494 786965

Any questions or queries?

Mobile: 07986598252

You may also email this address to pre-register. Just send your name and DCI number and we'll pre-reg you into the event.

To keep up to date on all out events, including Pre-releases,releases, FNM and GPTs here is a link to our Facebook group:

Matt, Axion Comics.

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Definately driving to this - it's like 20 mins away!!
Who will the trader be at this event?
Axion Comics themselves will be the Traders for this event. Consider it the initial spur of Axion Comics and Cards tournaments and trading.
is anyone travelling to this event from london? i want to go but have never been to the place. dont want to turn up late or anything.
I've heard that the Metropolitan Line is having issues this weekend. If anyone is having trouble or is running late, don't hesitate to ring me on my contact number and i'll try my best to give you some extra time to arrive.

Due to the issues with travel, Axion Comics can provide transport from Amersham Station for up to 8 people. There is a train from Marylebone to Amersham on Sunday, with one leaving at 9:45 and arriving at 10:20.


To arrange this transport, please contact Francois Hauchard on 07899977878. Transport back to Amersham station will also be provided.


For further details and inquiries into how many spots are left, please contact Francois on the number above.



Matt, Axion Comics.

Need any more incentive?

This is where the winner will be staying. ... ndex.shtml

Convinced yet?

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