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Demonic Tutor Constructed Leagues do not take place at set times. Instead they are played whenever two players from the league can get together. They are slightly formalized versions of casual games with a bit more at stake (Honor! Glory! Your name in lights!)

Here are the rules for Season Five which will be in the Mirrodin-Zendikar Extended format.

This is a short season that ends the night before the Worldwake release. If there is enough interest we will run a registration for a second Extended season between the Worldwake prerelease and the release and run it straight after this one.

-Decklists will be secret until the end of the league. Remember what your opponents played so you can check up on them at the end! :)
- Decklists must be sent to before the end of Sunday 17th January 2010.
- You may start playing matches as soon as you are registered but bear in mind if you do it before the registration deadline you may get "scouted" by those who have not yet registered.
- All normal rules apply about deck sizes, etc.
- Matches are untimed.
- You may play any other player in the league at any time.
- You may only play any given player in the league once.
- Match results must be reported to
- Matches up to and including Friday 5th February count for points. The league will then end and a winner will be declared.
- Matches may be played on MTGO or MWS if both participants agree.
- Any number of proxies are allowed. They must be full-size versions of the cards not simply names or altered basic lands. They can be color or black and white. (If you don't have access to a printer and need some proxies let me know.)
- 3 points will be awarded for a win.
- In the event of a tie on points the player who has played more matches will appear higher in the standings, to encourage maximum participation. After that the split will be on "games won" (not goal difference).
- Concessions are against the spirit of the competition. Please don't offer or accept one.

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In I guess- but it'll only be mws for me.
in, but same as royde for me, only MWS.
Interest is low? Or you're all building decks feverishly in secret?
I'm in
I love how friday 17th january is a totally existant date.
That Ginger One said:
I love how friday 17th january is a totally existant date.

It's MAGIC!!!!

(Changed it to Sunday.)
I'm interested, but not in playing on MWS.

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