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Cube Masters Series | Draft Simulation Available!

Hi guys!


The final cube list (minus PHR) is now available to draft on!!


Check it out:


This will give you an idea of how the Cube Draft will go when we eventually kick off the tournament!


I've also had a thought - let me know what you think:


Due to security concerns for the qualifiers of the Masters Series (namely there will be too many people drafting my cube than makes me comfortable), I propose:


Doing the 8 man Qualifiers on, using Magic Workstation to play the games.


What do you guys think?



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Any particular reason why?

James Mills said:




Workstation sucks

Organising stuff IRL is hard enough as it is. An online draft will be an orgnisational nightmare

People might disconnect from the server and ruin their draft

Paper magic is better anyway



Pretty sure most people on this forum who are going to play could be vouched for.  Why don't you make people fill in deck reg sheets, then if something goes missing you know who's to blame.
Isn't half the fun of your event being able to use the actual cards? Plus playing in real life is so much better than online. If you didn't make it through the qualifier you'd only have played a few games on Workstation, which would be a complete let-down since literally anyone can do that any time they want.
Proxies, proxies, proxies.  It's an unsanctioned event.   Proxies are way better than workstation!
^What baker said 100%

yeah thats what i suggested before.


agree with  mills, workstation sucks

I'm guessing warren wants to show off his pimp cube?
The Top 8 can still be drafted with real cards

Agreed that Workstation Qualifiers would suck. Scrap that idea.


I do want everyone to experience the joy of playing with a pimped out Cube, but for the sake of protecting my assets, Proxy qualifiers might be necessary.


Top 8 competitors will of course PLAY WITH THE PIMP YO!

Proxy qualifiers and pimp top8 sounds like a good plan!


Any ideas on dates for this?

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