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i'm confused about this whole faction thing.  will my boosters contain different things?

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The gist I got is this:

- Half of the set has a Phyrexian watermark
- The other half has a Mirran watermark
- At the prerelease only (maybe?) boosters will be split into two factions. One set of boosters will contain only Mirran watermarked cards, the other half will contain only Phyrexian watermarked cards
- You choose which set you want at the start, only get that factions boosters, so only have half of the set to select from
Yep, pre-release format is 3 Faction boosters and 3 SOM boosters - so you'll have less to play from SOM if you choose Phyrexian. You also get a different pre-release card depending on which faction you choose (Glissa or Hero of Bladehold).
Incidentally, based on currently spoiled info, which faction do people think they'll be playing and why?
Interesting thing is Planeswalkers dont have factions. If thats the way it works, no one will be cracking a Tezzeret at the pre release.

Limitations are fun!!!


Oh wait......

I briefly tried to find out what this was all about and just discovered a load of weird Wizards marketing stuff about being able to play something or other at core level play network places. Or something. Is this why the MK people don't do FNM any more? They don't have enough WizardPoints(tm)??
MaRo posted on twitter that Tezz is in both sets of packs
I have the temptations of evil.
I guess which one you go for depends on how brave you're feeling. Good poison decks will be just as brutal as they were in Scars sealed, but you need to be all-in so you're hoping for good poison guys from Scars. Mirrans will be much more consistent but not as powerful as a good Phyrexian deck. I think I'll stick with the Mirrans since I have a Mirran bracelet from the Scars game day that needs more love!
what happens with booster drafts?
They're only used for the sealed iirc

ross miles said:
what happens with booster drafts?

I'm fairly sure based on what I've read that the results of the prerelease will determine what the third set of Scars block will be. So if you're sick of having to play infect decks in limited, you can make your voice heard by joining the Mirran faction and kicking some Phyrexian ass. Of course, if you love poison and would like nothing better than to see more infect cards in the third set, you can always take the Phyrexain boosters....

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