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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Me + 5 other players, snaking picks I will get someone on Twitter to randomly order, squad of 6, winner gets a beer from all the losers.


You can choose any player who may be playing at worlds - for reference the invite list:


Points structure (borrowed from another forum, is weighted to reward well-rounded teams and not just a t8er plus 5 randoms)


1 point for each match point in final standings

PLUS (mutually exclusive):

Cash UNDER Top 32: 3 extra points
32nd-17th: 5 extra points
16th-9th: 6 extra points
Top 8: 9 extra points

Winner: 15 extra points


Anyone up for it?

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Especially if Dan auto picks top tier players like LSV

Fine. Abandoned for now then.


Suggest on Facebook at 8pm, takers?

Thom Richardson said:

this is stupid.

I'm going to lunch at 1.


I suggest we stop this and arrange a time when we can all be online and do it that way.

I have read a sum total of 1 (one) article about drafting players, and one of the main points it made was "don't include LSV"...

sorry, i didn't know when this was supposed to start.  I propose tonight at 9pm, if that suit everyone.  otherwise name a time.



Already am, oh, no me though! Lol.

hey guys here are my picks. i am p certain i will win because everyone else playing picked bad dudes. anyhow, turn sequence went


me -> roy -> thom -> mills -> dan -> josh (wheel)


and i have this super stacked team:


Gabriel Nassif

Jon Finkel

Kai Budde



ok y'all might as well hand over your beers now suckas

Think i can give you a run for it phil



Paul Rietzl

Anton J

Ben Stark

Gau Vidugiris




oh, for reference, i think that thom's team (PVDDR, Rietzel, Jonsson, Stark, Vidugiris) and Dan's team (juza, shuhei, watanabe, ochoa, gerryT) are quite strong as well


I am saddenned by your collective lack of faith :'(


i think you are worse at magic than lsv, finkel, budde, efro and nassif. seems like a fair evaluation to me lol

Daniel Royde said:

I am saddenned by your collective lack of faith :'(


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