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Sorcery spells do you need in a deck for Quicken to be good?

This could be the time for Quicken to shine.

There are good sorcery spells in R/B if you want to go Grixis.

There are not as many if you want to go U/W/R, but there is still Mizzium Mortars, Anger of the Gods and Supreme Verdict.

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Quicken was only good in Balancing Tings

No that was Durkwood Baloth.

"This could be the time for Quicken to shine."

A bold prediction there Gary...

This being said, I've seen it in a Modern combo deck literally as U: draw a card, so I'm sure it is a defendable choice, and certainly will catch opponents off guard first time they see it.

I think even knowing that you CAN instant wrath them could make them play differently.

Problem I am having is where to find room for Quicken as it means cutting other stuff.

I think that the very late game plays with Alchemist's Refuge in an earlier Standard shows that being able to instant speed Sorceries can be highly relevant. I'm just not sure the lack of information you get for mulligan decisions probably outweighs the benefit of having something like Quicken in your deck. Unless your deck is all cantrips and that is effectively what you are doing. Could easily be wrong though :)

People used to play the draw a card and mill two in standard and I don't see it affecting decisions any more than having a think twice in your hand would.

I think the main downfall is that we have lost Snapcaster and Terminus as these cards go really well with it.

Guess I will have to figure out a deck and try it out.

Supreme verdict seems like it's a fine card to cast at instant speed in a control deck, as does Thoughtsieze.

From looking at the available cards I don't think you can justify running Black.

If you cut white you lose Supreme Verdict and Sphinx's Revelation.

If you cut Red you lose Anger of the Gods and Mizzium Mortars.


Would love to play 4 colours as Black does add some stuff but I don't think the mana in standard can support it.

"Sorcery spells do you need in a deck for Quicken to be good?"

4 apparently...

Youg Pyromancer says hi.

This is what I am going to test at the moment.

I think Highlander 2 is a good name for the deck.

3 Quicken

3 Supreme Verdict

3 Anger of the Gods

3 Mizzium Mortars

3 Sphinx's Revelation

3 Dissolve

2 Aetheriling

2 Syncopate

2 Azorius Charm

2 Steam Augry

2 Magma Jet

2 Lightning Strike

2 Warleaders Helix

2 Jace

1 Ral Zarek

1 Elspeth

25 Land of some variety.

Seems 1-3 lands off where I would want to be with that deck

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