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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Hi all,

I am in London for work for the next 4 weeks:

26th March - 30th March

2nd April - 5th April

10th April - 13th April

16th April - 19th April

I am staying in a hotel in E1 for this period and going home each weekend.

Anyhow long story short: Where is there around to draft / play some EDH in this timeframe?  I am always up for a social meet up to chat and play some games if there aren't any format tournaments : )



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David, you can play at The Games Club on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Hi David,

You can also play at Dark Sphere. We have Commander and alternating Modern and Legacy on Tuesdays, Booster draft Wednesdays, Booster Draft and Standard on Thursdays and two FNMs (one is always a Booster Draft) every Friday.

Full details can be found at

Thanks for the suggestions, guys : )  Conveniently enough, my hotel and these two venues forma neat triangle with the place I'm working (right by St. Paul's) right at the centre.

For this week at least, my plan is to play EDH at The Games Club tomorrow and then draft at Dark Sphere Wednesday.

Quick q for Dark Sphere: your website lists the draft as 8pm - 11pm, is that correct?  It doesn't seem to me like that's long enough for a draft + 3 rounds.

Hi David, 

Drafts kick off at 7, looks like our system didn't like the clocks going forward, I'll get that updated  !

Sorin and I enjoyed the draft / EDH last night, thanks for the recommendations!

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