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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

I am currently intending to attend this.

The plan is to head up on Friday evening, stay the night, play (win?) and return on Saturday evening.

Would anyone like to come with me? I'm not sure yet whether I want to drive or train it. (If someone else was to drive, I'd be a very willing passenger)
Accommodation was cheap and easy for the GP so it should be the same for this.

Any takers?

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Im going Sat morning and coming back Sunday evening. All by train.

I think I've decided to skip this.  Boo to Standard.  Also:

This is the TO's (over the top) post about the event!

Forget Glasto, Reading, Download and the other washout festivals. Here are the details of the Madchester Magic Experience!

Friday the 29th

7pm - warm up with Friday Night Magic, included in the WMCQ price (otherwise, £4) 

Saturday the 30th

9am Please pay at Fan Boy Three (£20), then head over the road to 16 Newton Street armed with your glowstick to complete the registration process
10am seating and player meeting
10.15am First round begins
1pm Badlands Legacy Warm Up Event (£5)
7pm Swiss finishes; T8 begins after break 

Sunday the 1st

10am Doors open for the Tundra Playset Legacy event (£15) - which is also a GPT for Ghent
11am Tundra Playset Legacy Event begins
noon Snapcaster Playset Modern Event begins (£10)
7pm Our regular Drafts of Praise (£10)

Yes, grab your glow stix, dust off your whistle and prepare for the Madchester Magic Experience! You'll be happier than a whole month of Mondays if you win the third and final WMCQ and take your place alongside Carrie Oliver and Marco Orsini Jones on the UK National team.

But that's not all! 

No - I am not twisting your melon, man. Because on Sunday we're bringing you the biggest Legacy tournament yet, with your chance to win a playset of Tundras worth almost £500. And because you demanded it, the option to play Modern and take home a playset of Snapcasters. And because we're now bringing you such excellent eventage on Sunday that we'll have people coming who aren't qualified for Saturday's WMCQ we'll be bringing you a whole plethora of saturday sides - like the Badlands Legacy Warm Up event, drafting and more! 

And because an event like this was going to be so big we knew that we couldn't contain it, we've hired the unit opposite - 16 Newton Street. Which is bigger and emptier and much, much more like an '80's rave venue than we could ever be. 

Aciiiid!(ic Slime!)

This is Fan Boy Three. You know the drill by now. If we break 128 players, every player in the T8 walks away with an entire booster box. Playsets of Tundras and Snapcasters. Badlands. Foil Angel Token spot prizes each round. Did I mention the glow stix and the flourescent body paint? The huge experienced judge team? Ross Silcock on vocals, Mark Hammond on singles and myself on maracas. 

Because this is Madchester.

This is Magic.

And yes - this will be an Experience!

Skipping, away on work trip.

Also Modern is fine as long as you're not playing against Tron, no?

Who is thinking about going, but has not sorted out travel?

I might be able to go now, so would be driving up on Saturday morning.

Let me know?

I'm hoping to head up to this.  undecided when to head up, but happy to go in on petrol with anyone driving.

trains looking like over £60 for mw now, so probably not heading up unless anyone decides to drive.

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