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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Who else is planning on attending this?


Wanna catch a train with me from Euston?






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I have a massive love for the 1/4 and the 1/6 blue guys. Easy to shut people out completly with a couple of those cards. Then just add flyers/massive guys to finish the game. I like the 6/9 blue creature that makes you remove 2 from the grave as people sometimes miss he has trample.
I did not know that guy had trample. Case in point, I spose!

blue is miles better than the other cards because the cards all have a ton of synegy


cards I rate much higher than most ppl seem to

- civilized scholar - I thinkthis card is better than every common, including volley. the format is slow and has very little removal. this card makes cards like harvest pyre amazing, and lets you splash more cards, by giving you a discard outlet if you can't cast. it also kills them very very quickly. windmill slam first pick (sends a good signal if you ACTUALLY windmill slame it :P)


- deranged assistant. there are two ways to play blue milling. the first is an "aggro" deck with aggressive drops like the 1UU 3/4 and 3U 4/5, the other is a ramp style deck that mills into 7cc flashback cards and think twice. this card is GREAT in both, it's also a creature (you must keep creature count high for stitched drake and co). best blue common that isn't claustrophobia


- 1U 1/2 (I only know chinese names) that makes homunculi. this card isn't GOOD, but it fills an important role in blue decks. you are always happy to have 1, and it doesn't take too many angry mobs, or ocultists (or heaven forbid rage throwers)  for you to want 2-3.


-sensory deprivation. not much to say here. no removal etc.


-werewolves. games go long, and these are just big guys. except for ironsmith, they are all fine for their cost as well.... if only I didn't like blue so much....


-darkthicket wolf. don't let the stats kid you, this is a 2/2 with evasion that is a 4/4 in the late game... for 1G


cards I rate lower

- stitched drake. yes this is good, but it never comes down turn 3, and it's not that great for racing as a result, even if it is a very good blocker. 1UU can be an issue if you want to play lots of chappel geist in wu. the 3U 4/5 is similar in what it does (although obviously worse). just take the assistants. note that p1p1 I would probably take this over assistant because sometimes the assistant will table, but from pick 3 onwards just take assistant)


- brimstone volley. red is just so bad. I never want to be red unless its for a splashed rage thrower

Agree with you on darkthicket wolf- that guy is very good. Does everything you could want out of a two drop.

Richard's in love with the two +1+1 counter spell.

The only problem I have with wolf is that it isn't a cat. Been the best-performing card for me so far in draft and sealed, love the combo with prey upon also.
Cats > dogs, duh

Daniel Royde said:

Who won goddammit!?


Dan Barrett said:

Cats > dogs, duh

Daniel Royde said:
Laura lost the finals to some foreign guy.
Eduardo? Or the italian?
Not eduardo, or I would have said eduardo. I dont think he was italian as him and ed were talking in spanish,
Thanks to everyone who attended this, I hope you had a good day.  We had 122 players, which I'm told is large for a British PTQ.

The winner of the blue envelope was Fabrizio Anteri, congratulations to him.

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