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... so, I know you are all excited about the new Ravnica set... but there is a modern GP coming and would like some feedback. I want to play a fauna shaman deck. The new golgari tutor (2GB one creature to hand, one to gy) sets up project x combo immediately as well as getting hissing iguanar if you already have a saffi in play or a crypt champion in hand. However, this is the current shell I am working with...

// Lands
    3 [GP] Stomping Ground
    4 [WWK] Raging Ravine
    1 [RAV] Temple Garden
    4 [ZEN] Misty Rainforest
    2 [SHM] Fire-Lit Thicket
    2 [M12] Forest (2)
    4 [ZEN] Verdant Catacombs
    1 [FUT] Dryad Arbor

// Creatures
    1 [FD] Eternal Witness
    1 [FUT] Magus of the Moon
    4 [TSB] Wall of Roots
    2 [FUT] Grinning Ignus
    4 [ZEN] Lotus Cobra
    4 [ROE] Joraga Treespeaker
    4 [ROE] Overgrown Battlement
    3 [CHK] Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker
    4 [M11] Fauna Shaman
    1 [RAV] Veteran Armorer
    1 [CHK] Dosan the Falling Leaf
    1 [ISD] Village Bell-Ringer
    1 [ROE] Emrakul, the Aeons Torn

// Spells
    4 [RAV] Chord of Calling
    4 [PLC] Wild Pair

Kill Condition 1: Wild Pair
1) Play a Wild Pair
2) Play a 2/2 or Wall of Roots and add a 0/-1 counter with trigger on stack
3) Fetch Grinning Ignus
4) Return and Replay Ignus 3 times (with a 4th time for dosan if you have the mana)
5) Fetch: Kiki Jiki, Veteren Armourer, Village Bell Ringer
6) Profit!

Kill Condition 2: Chord of Calling
1) Get lots of mana/permanents
2) Chord EOT for 3, get eternal witness, return chord.
3) Play a land, Chord for 5, get Kiki Jiki, copy witness, return chord.
4) Chord for 3, Bell Ringer, gg

Kill Condition 3a: Fauna Shaman
1) Get a Fauna Shaman
2) Tutor up Kiki Jiki, play it
3) Copy Fauna Shaman, tutor up Bell Ringer (Haste!)

Kill Condition 3b: Fauna Shaman
1) Get Fauna Shaman
2) Tutor up Various Overgrown Battlements and Kiki Jiki to copy.
3) 2 Battlements in Play, eot Kiki Battlement, in my turn Kiki Battlement. 16 Mana. Tutor. Emrakul you. (Can work with 1 Battlement + Wall of Roots which is 13 Mana + Lands, 1 Battlement + 2 Kiki copies is 9 mana + lands could also work)

Beats a goldfish consistently on turn 4-5, but mtg is not about defeating and eating delicious fish...

Birds of Paradise vs. Dryad Arbor
Birds is acceleration and an extra red mana (although you don't really need to go from 1-3  in this deck... maybe radha is better). Dryad Arbor is an actual land and lets you chord for X=0.

2 Basic Lands
Want to go to 4 so that 2 paths + snapcaster still accelerates me. No idea how to work the mana though...

Aether Vial
This is surely the perfect deck for this....

MD Hate Cards: Dosan + Magus
Witness is a very good card in this deck, even if only a 2/1. Various other hate cards such as Thalia, Spellskite and Grand Abolisher exist. Are these the right 2?

Thoughts? SB?

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This is a very interesting deck.

Are there cards from the new set that improve it?

What are the match ups like?

No thoughts atm other than you probably want a Resto Angel in the sideboard vs Abrupt Decay if you are going for a Chord Kill.

Might a Riftsweeper be worth running in the sideboard just in case they exile all your Kiki-Jikis somehow?

Ignorant person here.

Why is this better than the latest iteration of the Melira deck?

Err, they just unbanned Valakut.

I'm not sure why valakut being unbanned is relevant for this deck :P. primeval titan is expensive, and is trumped by magus of the moon, melira only gains you infinite life normally, which isn't enough when several decks in the format can go infinite on you (eggs, anything with kiki, pyromancer's)

also doesn't lose to gy hate

It's relevant in that it changes the meta, possibly favorably for this deck, I don't know.

Melira can make infinite Restoration Angels or do infinite damage with Murderous Redcap also as I'm sure you know.  This deck is more resilient rather than faster?

I actually think this deck is faster but less resilient vs a deck such as zoo, but more resilient vs slower snapcaster type decks

How often do you actually go the Emrakul route in this deck?


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