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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Is anyone going this weekend? I could use a lift if anyone has space, not sure I can afford the train.

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I am driving and have a couple of spare seats.

Where are you Gary?
I can get to most places in London. Im currently living in Wood Green. Stevie B may be interested in a lift too if you have the space, although I have priority :)
indeed i would really appreciate a lift - i'm in central london but like gary could get to most of london
I currently have a couple of spaces.

I am picking up at opposite Kings Cross station at 8am.

Call me on 07892799890 after 6pm tonight to book your seat!
Awkward. After some discussion with Mike yesterday, I thought he had arranged for Nick Lovett and I to go with you on Saturday Jason.

If that is otherwise, let me know!

I have seven seater, Zafiria. The smallest can go in the back two seats!

So there is room, but I have not had a conformation from you or Nick yet, I have not spoken to Mike today so I was not aware you had said yes, I will speak to him later.

It is a first come basis. Speak to people tonight!
Yes, our fault, not Mike's.
I'll call you this evening.

Looks like I won't actually be going this weekend. Thanks for the offer of the lift though.

Good luck.
Some extra detail on this from the TO:

The Postcode is SO17 1BJ at the University of Southampton. You can park at the rear of the dentists as it is not policed at weekends. Enter to left of the Stags Inn at street level. This is in fact level 4. Go down 2 floors to level 2 and head for the cube(what a cool name for a magic room is that lol.

There is room for more than 100 players so bring as many as you want lol
So, what happened??
I would like to thank everyone who turned up to the PTQ this weekend. We had 47 players and also ran 2 draft side events. It was a great event with Stuart Wright winning the event and the trip to Austin USA.

The next event is the Prereleases on Sat 11th July and Sat 12th July. I am opening Preregistration to both events. I intend to limit both events to 18 players for each. Please preregister to guarantee a place. If I get a flood of players I will consider getting extra stock, this must be done by next week otherwise I will stick to this model.

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