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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Hey folks.

The first season of the constructed league ends on Friday.

I'd like to kick off some more leagues that have enough interest around that time.

Please reply to this thread with your format(s) of choice. There's no limit to the number you can enter. I'll probably start every league that gets more than 3 people because why not! I'll probably hold off on Extended until Zendikar is released unless there is interest in a spoiler-based Extended season.

(Entry fee is one booster ... if you feel strongly that you'd like it to be more or less than that please mention it in your post.)

Unlimited proxies are allowed but should be full copies of the card, not just altered basic lands. I can print stuff for those that need it.

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I'm up for whatever gets interest out of Legacy, Standard, Extended, EDH. Particularly Legacy.
Keen on all of the above, assuming i can ply you with Ginger beer and sweets for proxy production.

Dare i suggest... vintage also?

One thing is, i'd much rather wait til ZEN is out to start leagues for formats it impacts most (Standard, Extended)
No reason we can't include Vintage. It probably does make sense to run the Legacy/Vintage/EDH seasons sooner and the Standard/Extended seasons from early October?
My vote is for the most relevant constructed format of the time.
I guess while Zen isn't out/ is very new it doesn't make sense to start on extended.

I think that more boosters for entry might encourage better participation from those enrolled, and deter those who aren't likely to play many matches... is this good or bad?

I'm up for EDH/ legacy / whatever, although only for lower stakes since I don't know any of these formats really.
Up for everything. Will pay entry fee's if necessary but would rather they were free with no prizzes :/
Hi, I would like to play legacy and vintage since i already have the decks built. Standard and extended would also be great but I feel that we should wait until the new set comes out at the end of the month.

I finally have a deck for every format so up for everything :p
do we need to send you our decklists tom?
Mostly up for EDH. Please dont start this one till October as I'm on hols!
I'll make another announcement when its time to send me decklists - I have to decide what I'm playing in each format first!
Can I suggest that we don't provide full lists for EDH, but just generals. I often switch and change cards around and no one is likely to cheat by changing out one-ofs. In the suggested rules for an EDH league, each general can be represented only once. Shotgun Scion of the Ur Dragon!
yeah lets start them all end of september so im back in london town :
Im up for whatever. I do think we should wait for zendikar for relevant formats.

Hope I can get some more games in next time.

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