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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Please tweet or post results/interesting occurrences for those of us in other countries.

Beat you all at the next one ...

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Dan Royde, Joseph Saxton and James Mills in Top 8.

Bring it home!

Marco OJ won, beating Joe in the finals

Joe said it would be a hard match-up.

Yeah, it was a pretty quick beating

i think i resolved about 5 spells in the match, and at least 2 of those were sphere of the suns, at least marco paid some life to cast gitaxian probe, so it wasn't a complete whitewash.

Bah, bad luck Londoners but well done for getting there.

Two more shots at the Q in June.  Of course those will be tougher, because I will be there.

Good showing in general from Londoners - a bunch of us were 4-1 after round 5 but didn't finish as strongly as Mills and co, including me, Louis, Jason S

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