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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Who is around these Saturdays and would like to play Magic of some variety? TGC is open at the County on the January date and will be running various constructeds and a sealed tournament :D

I ask because Gavin Verhey (of OMG WIZARDS OF THE COAST! fame) is visiting London shortly and would very much like to game with us on these dates!

Shout if you're interested in one/both and we'll see if something can be arranged...

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Dan, TGC is open on the 29th as well, but is is for a YGO event, Jason could be asked to run magic events.

Gavin can't play in any sanctioned events as he is WotC staff.

I am about and happy to play anything, also if he can't play sanctioned that means we can come up with some crazy shenanigans

Dan Barrett said:

Gavin can't play in any sanctioned events as he is WotC staff.

I'm around on the 29th, planning some leaving drinks for the evening so gaming during the day would be sweet

should be around after working hours 2nd-5th, and will be around 29-30th

is there no club on the 1st?

Who is around and would potentially like to do something TOMORROW (29th) daytime at Pendrell's Oak?

If there are enough of us I will organise something, elsewise think I may go play WoW with Glenn in Reading.

There is a pretty good chance I'll be available, depends on how ill the wife is tomorrow.

I can provide cube, boosters, prototype of Wedges set, or even some boardgames (Libertalia might be a good one)

I'm around early but have to get a train in the afternoon.  Will definitely pop in if you are going to be there.

Right then, lets meet at 11.30 tomorrow at the Oak then. Gavin or no, there are enough of us to play something!

Will bring Magic and some some other game to play, see you there!

Might be a bit late as it appears there are engineering works on my rail line into town.

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