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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Hi all - Just some last minute information for this weekend's Honolulu PTQ.


We've heard some concerns on the price and we do apologise, but we're expecting this to be a huge event and venue, tables and chairs for 140 in the centre of London doesn't come too easily. We hope you understand and can enjoy the event none-the-less.


Event Details

Format: Innistrad Sealed Deck with Booster Draft top 8.

Price: £30 and includes a two booster prize pool.

Prizes: Prizes will be awarded based on standings in the sealed and the top 8 will go onto a free booster draft to determine who wins the event. Wizards of the Coast will provide the winner of the event with a flight to the Pro Tour event in Honolulu!

Event Timings

10:00 Doors open for registration
11:30 Tournament begins
Approx 7:00pm End of sealed event
Approx 7:15pm Start of Booster draft for top 8, casual play available for others
Approx 11pm End of Booster draft

Side Events

Innistrad booster drafts and Marcadian Masques block drafts will be available as side events.


Both magic Madhouse and Alan Harper will be selling singles at the PTQ.

Food and Drink

Soft drinks and snacks will all be available throughout the day. Alcoholic beverages will also be available but on a token system (people will have the opportunity to buy up to 3 tokens during registration which can then be exchanged for an alcoholic beverage any time before 8pm, suitable proof of age ID will be required in all cases).

Card Machine

Please note we will not have a card machine on premises so please bring sufficient cash with you.


The event will be held at the School Hall of the London Nautical School, a few minutes walk from Waterloo station and the Dark Sphere shop:

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The Main Hall
London Nautical School
61 Stamford Street
This information is directly from and you can also head there to reserve your space.
Please make sure you bring your DCI number with you, as always.
Thanks all!

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White Ace - so good it is banned on my street*



* = not even joking.

Top 8 was:


Tom Reeve

Tom Harle

Mark Wraith

Crispin Bateman

Matt Moate

Mark McGovern

Polish guy

A N Other


Anyone know who won?

Mark McGovern I think
I wanted Polish guy to win ):
that is a stacked t8... who won?

Matt Moate and Mark McGovern in the final and Mr McGovern is going to Honolulu!  Welldone!


v surprised 'polish guy' didnt take this down

If it helps he is Russian (or that could be A N Other).

Nice guy, bad at tiebreaker maths. Told me while we were smoking that he though he had drawn into 9th and I was in.

Would anyone like to elaborate on the problems that occurred during the day’s events?

What problems? I mean, other than my losing in the Top 8, which I can hardly blame anyone else for.

<edit> Oh, there were some technical problems at the beginning of the day, but they didn't really hold anything up once the tournament was underway. Rounds turned over pretty smoothly, sandwiches were eaten.


Ever the optimist Phil!  No complaints from me.  Appreciated the food and drink on offer, despite some minor computer hiccups things ran smoothly... not really sure what problems you are referring to?

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