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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

it seems that people have missed this but this saturday, the 3rd, the games club are running their monthly constructed events (the events people bitch about because of small turn out and rewards). this months one is standard and offers the winner a playset of snapcaster mage.

check out the site for details.
im pleased their doing something like this, whether its a direct response from the darksphere events of last month i dont no but it cant be a bad thing for the london player base!

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Where does it say that? I don't see anything on there? 

Not sure if I'll be around this weekend or not, will see...

look on their event for the 3/12/11

it has 4 big pictures of snappy!

i cant come tho as its my anniversary :?


Literally not there, screenshot it!

No I can't see anything on there either. Links please.

i can't see anything about this either. if true, i think i will go!

Can't see this. 

Keep off the crack, keep off the crack.

It's on the email that went around for the event, I'll see if I can get the actual website updated with details ASAP.

Yeah, this is not going to go down well - there is no publicity (especially not in advance!!!!)

Jason snet the information for this event out to the TGC mailing list earlier in the week.

Who on here has not signed up?

The page on the Games Club site is up now -


We'll be using the Magic Madhouse Facebook ( and Twitter ( to announce things like this in future as well, I'll try to make sure we give people as much notice as possible.

I'm signed up - but the e-mail only came through at 5am yesterday!

ah the old 36-hours-before-the-event update special. excellent! is it cheeky of me to mention that darksphere advertise their tournaments well in advance on a variety of mediums? :p

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