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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Due to the global changes made to the Wizards Play Network (WPN) introduced by Wizards of the Coast in September of last year we regret to have  to annouce that The Games Club will not be participating in the New Set Celebrations for the impending Magic 2012 Core Set.

WTF.  So bad.


Is there some alternative for wannabe prereleasers?


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Can't find anything on wizard's website for uk prerelease.. W.T.F?

The dark sphere and Richmond


So Richmond gets a prerelease in a pub because they happen to have a shop, but because Jason doesn't he doesn't get one?  Half the people who play at Richmond have never been in the shop!


Surprised a legal fiction involving Magic Madhouse or a toy shop or something couldn't be worked out.  The Magic world is too small to get away with it, perhaps.

What a terrible set of decisions they made and are enforcing based on markets that were nothing to do with Magic in London.


This kind of think makes me very nervy about Magic being under the auspices of a commercial enterprise.

Ray, you know they will not have the proper pre-releases people are used to and Richmond is not really London.


Thomas, Magic Madhouse is not a shop in London, so we do not count either.


Can anyone remember the last time there was not a pre-release in Central London?

I know what/where Magic Madhouse is.  I just thought as it is by no means in anyone's interest (mayyybe TWAU?) for Jason not to run a prerelease that something might have been worked out nod is as good as a wink type thing.


Ho hum.

For the nod and wink to work Wizards would have to help!


You know the Wizards Play Network is aimed at shops!

wow, just wow.
Could The Games Club affiliate with Forbidden Planet? It's a large shop that sells Magic Cards (well, they have done the last few times I've been there).

Having people tell me "don't worry, Dark Sphere will be running an event" is the worst thing ever. There is no way I want to go to another of their events.


This is just depressing.

Ffs, the new phyrexia prerelease was just painful, this is possibly worse. Really would like to know what wizard's reasoning is for the changes as from the outside it makes no sense.

So Petition time?

Between us do we know a reasonable proportion of the people who used to come to London prereleases?


Worth trying?

Daniel, I suggested this to Dan on Twitter earlier today.

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