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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

I need to get to nats, how is everything else going, and who can i go with? :P

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I'll be up for a lift too if anyone is offering? If not - train it is!
I think most people will be getting the train. Parking will be a pain, I think it is easier to get the train. Out of interest, when is everyone going down? I'm going down tuesday, is anyone else going that early?
Go to and check the train prices from there. I just booked mine going up on the 5th at 13:42 and coming back on the 20:10 on Sunday for the princely sum of £7.50 (from Clapham Junction, I think it might be the same from Victoria though.) Probably cheaper than petrol and quicker than driving!
I am driving down on the Thursday morning from East London, I have a hotel for Thursday night, but most likely not staying down for the GP!
Myself and James have a place with Stu S booked for Wed night on, so assume we'll head down from London some time in the day by train.
I just booked on national express. £2.

Im leaving London Victoria at 12am on the wednesday and have the return journey booked to leave Brighton at 5pm on the sunday, if anyone is interested in joining me on the coach.

These times should be fine as they always wrap things up early on the sunday and there isnt much to do. If you T8 the GP then I guess you can afford to get a train back anyway.
12am as in midnight? Or 12pm?

I actually live really near Victoria Coach Station so that might be a plan.
My bad, I meant mid-day.

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