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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

What would you do if you thought you had a deck that could beat everything?

Where would you test it?


I dont want to buy the cards and test it local as then all my opponents in the main tournament will know what im playing and either board cards just to beat it or copy the deck.


I dont want other people playing the deck and then having it show up online as that would be bad.


Im thinking the only way to really test it it to proxy every deck in the format and test on my own :(


I dont have a finalised list yet but im pretty sure that I am onto something, im probably wrong but wouldnt want the one time im right to get round before I can win a tourney with it.

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You should probably show it to someone you trust who won't be playing in that tournament just a a sanity check. What format is this in?

You could test in a private room on cockatrice with someone you know against a gauntlet maybe?

Does it have 72 cards?

you could test online with someone here?

When is your tournament?

I can do some cockatrice with you early Saturday morning (UK time) before I go to the GPT?


Send it to me on Facebook too, I'm very intrigued!

I'm interested in standard lists. Keeping secrets isnt that hard Just don't put anything anywhere public What is the event? I am looking for a deck to play in lille... Being very secretive for anything smaller than a GP may not be worth the effort.

Daniel, any idea what you want to play in Lille?

What is the expected meta?

i would be happy to test gary, i wanna see it now!


regarding Lille, ub control, delver/ spirits, wolf run should be the main 3. mono red could be good, i noticed a mono red deck that went 9-0 on day one of baltimore last week. im liking the idea of ub zombies but need 3 gravecrawler and 3 messengers. i would play leak in it tho, watching reports, it seems one counterspell to stop a turn 3/4 slagstorm or zenith would be the nuts

BR Zombies is pretty sick, get a list off Tom Reeve

i've got it and have been talking to my mate about his success with it online. im missing a lot of the cards tho :/

List for the BR deck:

4 Fume Spitter
4 Diregraf Ghoul
4 Gravecrawler
4 Skirsdag High Priest
4 Highborn Ghoul
1 Dross Hopper
4 Geralf's Messenger
3 Falkenrath Aristocrat

4 Tragic Slip
2 Go for the Throat
4 Brimstone Volley

4 Blackcleave Cliffs
4 Dragonskull Summit
14 Swamp

4 Distress
3 Phyrexian Obliterator
3 Ratchet Bomb
2 Act of Treason
2 Stensia Bloodhall
1 Swamp

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